Schools Need an Increased Focus on Recycling

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 We recently conducted a survey regarding the importance of including environmental studies, including recycling and climate change, in school curriculums. One in three people think schools need to place greater emphasis on teaching kids about recycling. A quarter of respondents think that energy-saving lessons are required in schools Government figures show there is a huge […]

What is THRS? (Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme)

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 Every Tattooist wants to be able to prove their worth, and legitimacy – whether that be through excellent ratings online, or positive word of mouth advertisement. When potential customers are seeking out a place to get their next ink, it isn’t just quality of artist that comes into play, since sterilisation and hygiene is paramount […]

Creative Business Cards to Make you Stand Out

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 In an ever growing digital world, it is often refreshing to see a clever and creative business card being used, when out and about at trade shows, meetings or working on the go. A lot of the time though, business cards can be a little uninspiring, which some might argue is okay, since they’re only […]