The Modern Business – Top Tech for 2016

by Josh Hurst in Small Business Tips | posted:


Technology is advancing how we do business faster than we can get to grips with it. The arrival of the internet revolutionised how consumers can shop and search for products and services. The smartphone made a similar leap, and threw businesses into a marketplace with a wealth of opportunities and bases to cover. Whilst a […]

What Star Wars Teaches About Advertising

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After being released a little under a month ago, the 7th installment in the Star Wars franchise is on track to smash all box office records. A family-friendly film that transcends all genders, generations, countries and interests, backed by a wealth of advertising and a hype unparalleled in the film world. Part of the success […]

Scottish Food Recycling Legislation 2016 – What you Need to Know

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Scotland has been for a long time one of the leaders in pushing sustainable waste disposal and recycling. Their plastic bag charges were a year ahead England’s. Their recycling targets? Closely followed. Now, they’re taking an even bigger step in working towards a circular economy, by enforcing new Recycling Legislation relating to food waste. These […]