9 Websites to Replace Procrastination with Learning

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Procrastination can be all too easy to demonise. To look down upon as the killer of workplace productivity and the destroyer of talent. Granted, the very definition of it is to put something off or delay, instead of…, well, cracking on. Despite the in-your-face disadvantages of procrastination, many reputable sources, writers, artists and business people […]

22 Google Sheets Tips & Tricks

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Click along with us: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TUxKijYFb3_RwfvDN-IyzAGEXCj3COByuo6wo6nnrY0/edit?usp=sharing Google sheets is Google’s response to Excel, one of the most commonly found applications on any work or home computer. The online based alternative boasts many of the features Excel does, despite having a bit of a reputation for being a simpler and less advanced version. A lot of work is […]

Employee Incentives – Finding the Middle Ground

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According to our recent study of over 750 people, as many as 61% of people in the UK believe they don’t get enough employee incentives at their place of work. The importance of employee morale and worker satisfaction cannot be overlooked by businesses, with regards to both productivity and financial efficiency. Losing and hiring employees […]