The 4 Most Common Causes of Office Fires

by Laurence Kellett in Workplace Safety | posted:


Office fires can happen at any time, even when proper safety measures are in place, despite being more likely in an unprepared workplace. When an office fire starts, it has the potential to harm your staff, company documents, equipment and premises, regardless of size. A small fire in the wrong place can be just as […]

How to Create a Paperless Office

by Laurence Kellett in Cleaning & Janitorial, Waste Management | posted:


Despite technology ruling almost everything we do, office desks are still, even in an environmentally conscious world, littered with scraps of paper, folders and post-it notes. Paperless offices are still a long way off, however the technology and means to do so get more and more prominent and enticing every year, with the benefits of doing-so […]