What is a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note?

by Laurence Kellett in Waste Management | posted:


If you’re responsible for managing your company’s waste management or have dealt with it in the past, you’re likely to have come across the terms ‘Duty of Care’, and ‘Waste Transfer Note’ – what do these mean? Duty of Care When talking about waste management, duty of care refers to the responsibility you have over […]

How Technology is Improving your Toilet Trips

by Laurence Kellett in Washrooms & Hygiene | posted:


If there’s one thing all humans have in common, regardless of gender, ethnicity, views or status is that we all need to go to the toilet, from time to time; at work, home and sometimes annoyingly on the go. For many years, the washroom didn’t really change much, apart from mild aesthetics following the design […]

Give your Business a Fortune 500 Redesign

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From time to time, new pictures emerge of the insides of big companies’ offices, showing the often elaborate decor, creative vibe and visibly expensive design. The reason a lot of the larger Fortune 500 companies redesign their offices isn’t just to tickle the taste buds of interior designers, but in a new attempt to increase […]