Types of Fire Extinguishers: Explained!

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Health and safety plays a huge role in your business, and is of paramount importance when it comes to keeping staff, customers and visitors safe in the event of emergency. There are a multitude of items to tick off the health and safety checklist, whether they be advisable or required by law, and one of […]

Cybercrime in the UK: A Growing Threat in a Digital Marketplace.

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We recently published a news story detailing a study, which revealed more than half of UK businesses would consider hiring a ‘hacker’ or person with a criminal record to help them defend against cyber attacks. This seemed to come with mixed responses, both in our office, and from some of our fans on social media. […]

The Modern Office; Top Tech for 2015

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Technology plays a powerful role in the modern business, from a shop front to the behind the scenes of an online startup, technology is woven into everything we do in business regardless of whether you’re taking notes, sending information, changing the temperature or now even checking the time. Technology is advancing at a blindingly fast […]