Types of Defibrillator

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A defibrillator has one specific purpose in mind, to save the life of someone who has gone in to cardiac arrest. The most common type of defibrillator is the AED, which is an Automated External Defibrillator. This type of defibrillator is a modern, portable defibrillator that is found in many public buildings and workplaces. The […]

What To Do When a Defibrillator is Required

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In a very serious situation, such as a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, every second is vital for the survival of the victim. Knowing what to do in these situations could be the difference between life and death. Keep Calm and Call Emergency Services For the best chance of survival, there needs to be at least two […]

SpillTector Makes Absorbing Oil and Fuel Easy

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When working with machinery that are powered by oil and fuel, minimising leaks can be tricky. Machines like this come in all shapes and sizes and having the necessary tools to minimise leaks can be a problem. British manufacturer Fentex has come up with a solution for oil and fuel leakage. Its origin began back […]

Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers: The Long Feud

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Like Dogs vs Cats, United vs City, or Coke vs Pepsi, there has been a long and bitter rivalry that has split people for as long as anyone can remember. There have been reports, experiments, and everything else and no conclusion on whether paper towels or hand dryers are better. Hell’s Decibels The debate surrounding paper towels and hand […]