Winter Driving Tips

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In the past, we’ve covered how to prepare your premises for the wintery conditions that will soon be upon us. More often than not, as the cold weather rolls in, it’s getting around that causes us the real issues. Does your company have its own fleet or travelling salesmen? Do a large proportion of your […]

Business Technology of the Future…

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Technology is evolving all of the time, and there is more around us than ever before. It is a part of most people’s daily lives. As new technology emerges and matures, businesses, big or small, look to see how it can benefit and grow their business. History has seen technology revolutionise industry. From mass production […]

Dyson Airblade V hand dryer: Making a Big Noise About a Quiet Dryer

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Creating the perfect hand dryer is anything but a breeze. There are numerous variables and specifications to finesse, coupled with differing consumer preferences. Drying time, energy efficiency, hygiene, durability, noise levels and running costs are all sought after traits in the perfect hand dryer. For a long time, most generic hand dryers have failed to […]

A Quick Guide to Chatbots

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This post will offer a quick insight into what the term ‘Chatbots’ describes. Whether you’ve heard of them before and want to know more, or complete curiosity drove you here… let us explain.   What are chatbots? A chatbot is an electronic messaging service that follows a set of rules (sometimes powered by Artificial intelligence) […]