How to stay vigilant on fly tipping

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fly tipping

You may have heard of fly tipping in the news or signposted around your local town. The origin of the phrase “Tipping” is a very old term for dumping. Whilst “fly” is derived from the phrase “on the fly” – the act of carrying out an activity in a rush.

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste.

Fly tipping is a criminal offence under section 33 of the environmental protection act 1990. The potential ramifications of fly tipping impact both the public and local wildlife. This crime can result in quite a hefty fixed penalty fine between £150-400; with more serious offences dealt with at the magistrates’ court [GOV].


Why should this affect me?

The lack of surveillance and enforcement of stricter penalties has led to over one million recorded incidents in 2016/17. This takes away from council funding, since the responsibility for the collection, investigation and prosecution of this crime falls on their shoulders. [KeepBritianTidy]

Over the festive season the UK generates more waste than usual, for example; 1 billion cards end up in the bin when they could have been recycled [HouseisBeautiful]. The discarded wrapping paper and irregular new year collections have led many councils and tabloids to dub the first week after the new year as fly tipping Friday [loughboroughecho]. If you have CCTV technology around your premises, keep it trained to spot out for any offenders.


Who’s responsibility is it, if fly tipping occurs on my premise?

You should report any suspected fly tipping offence on your premises to the local council, who may investigate and arrange for removal and disposal of the waste. However, with the possibility of asbestos or even hazardous/offensive waste, the health and safety executive should be notified.


What if I have excess waste that needs recycling?

You should make sure that anyone who takes your waste has an accredited license. Some people have been fined for entrusting unverified firms instead of reputable waste management service providers [Kent News]. At Direct365 we can provide an answer to your excess-waste needs. This service can be made in a one-time payment with a skip delivered within 24 hours.

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