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Reliable Services & Top Supplies for Farms & Agriculture

We’ve got everything you need to keep your farm safe and well supplied all year round with low-cost supplies and expert waste, safety and pest-control services.

Reliable Waste Disposal Services For Farms

We can help save you time and money when it comes to disposing of waste and recycling.

Our expert waste management services will cover all of your needs, from mixed recycling to offensive waste bins, providing you with all the bins, bags and collections you need. We offer the most reliable and affordable services in the UK by tailoring our service to your needs.

  • Reliable collections
  • All waste types covered
  • Duty of care included

Get a free quote and let us take care of all your waste!

Find out more about our Waste Disposal Services

Waste Management Services For Farms

Expert Safety Testing Services For Your Farm

You can rely on our safety experts to keep your farm as safe and secure as it can be with our professional fire safety testing & compliance services.

With a quick visit from our experts, you can rest assured that your fire extinguishers and alarms are in full working order and meet UK legal standards. We also work with the best PAT testing & compliance teams in the country to perform thorough testing of all your electrical equipment and appliances.

  • Post-test certificates provided
  • Fast & reliable service
  • UKAS accredited

Get a free quote today for the most reliable safety testing in the country!

Find out more about our Safety Testing Services

Safety testing services for your farm

Shop for PPE & Safety Products

 PPE & Safety equipment from Direct365

Farm Pest Control Products & Services

Vermin, birds and insects can cause serious problems and even damage for farms of any size but you can easily prevent that with our expert pest control services.

If you have any unwanted critters, from small insects and rodents to large animals or birds, our pest control experts will quickly and cleanly remove the problem and prevent them from coming back. With free follow up visits and the most effective, humane control methods available, you can rely on us to keep your farm pest-free.

  • Quick & effective service
  • All pests removed
  • Free follow up visits

Join thousands of UK businesses using our services today!

Find out more about our Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services For Your Farm

Essential Supplies For Your Farm

Shop now for all the highest quality supplies your farm needs for the lowest prices in our online store.

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