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Transport and Logistics Washrooms Service

Keeping your washrooms clean and hygienic reflects on your business, as does if they are not. 99% of bacteria & germs that cause sickness in the workplace are found in washrooms & toilets. We are here to help you make sure that your washrooms are in the best condition to cater to the needs of all who will use them. 

Our service can be tailored to your business and we offer the most comprehensive and professional service in the UK.

Installed and Serviced Hand Dryers for your Transport and Logistics Business

The hand dryer service we offer is one that will leave a positive impression that everyone that will use them.

The high performance hand dryers that we offer in our service offer excellent hygiene and good aesthetics that complement any washroom. We offer numerous types of hand dryer, to suit your needs. The advantages of using a hand dryer over paper towels are that they are around 32 times cheaper over the course of a year and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

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Hand Soap Dispensers for Transport and Logistics Businesses

Hands are the biggest spreader of germs, and numerous studies have shown that washing your hands lowers the spread of things such as diarrhoea and colds. To achieve the highest level of Hygiene in your washrooms, it is important that your soap dispensers are installed and serviced correctly.

We supply and install the most advanced, and hygienic, soap dispenser available today with automatic, clog-free dispensing and anti-bacterial technology to keep them perfectly clean. Our washroom experts will keep your dispensers filled with soap and fully maintained with a few quick and discreet visits throughout the year as part of our complete customer care service.

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Commercial Air Fresheners for Transport and Logistics Businesses

One of the first things you will notice in any given room is how fresh the air smells. This can form one’s opinion on anywhere, especially a washroom. Our Air Freshener Service includes the latest automatic air fresheners, which provide a strong, long lasting fragrance. The service we offer comes with free installation and flexible service options that fit around your business.

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