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Air Fresheners & Purifiers With Sublime Fragrances

A pleasant, fresh smelling atmostphere makes all the difference when customers visit your salon and will have a huge impact in giving them an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Our high-tech air fresheners automatically releases a burst of natural fragrance without causing any chemical propellants. Whether or not you want to spruce up your washroom or eliminate bad smells for good we can provide the right kind of air freshener for you, with installation and servicing all year round.

Cutting Edge Air Fresheners With Long-Lasting, 100% Natural Fragrances For Your Beauty Salon


We will install a modern state-of-ther-art air freshener as part of our service and top up the batteries and fragrance of your choice every 12 weeks, so you will always have fresh air that makes your customers feel welcome in your salon.

Choose from any of these sensational fragrances:

  • Spa Minerals
  • Floral Breeze
  • Morning Dew
  • Punchy Orange

Our newly developed Airscent Atom is the best choice in air freshening technology available today. Using 100% natural fragrance oils, it not only provides longer lasting freshness, but leaves you with a more pleasant, aerosol-free atmosphere that is also perfectly harmless to the environment. There's no need to worry about bad smells affecting the atmosphere in your salon as it automatically releases small bursts of long-lasting frafrance to actively keep your salon smelling fresh and attractive.

Combining our air fresheners with one of our air purifiers is a sure fire way to beautifully fragranced air that will be sure to impress your customers.

Air Purifiers That Destroy Mould & Bacteria In Your Beauty Salon

Not only is it important to ensure that the air in your salon is fresh but also that it is free from mould and bacteria. A modern air purifier will ensure your salon stays so fresh and welcoming to customers that they will return again and again.

Pure and clean air not only makes for a pleasant atmosphere, but massively reduces the chance of infection from airborne bacteria and viruses for your customers and your staff by making for a much more hygienic environment.

Our Biozone Air Purifier is one of the best options around. it sterilises the air in a natural, chemical-free process using nothing but a UV light that is safely contained within the unit to destroy bacteria, mould and misture particles that linger in the air. Not only does the unit leave you with clean air, but it actively helps to keep the surfaces and floors in your salon clean and free of moisture and germs as well.

All it takes is a quick initial visit to install the iunit and an annual maintenance service for you to get clean and pure air in your salon. For the best results you can even combine our air purifiers with our air fresheners to provide your customers with a wonderful combination of clean and fragranced air.

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  • 100% Natural Freshness
    Our revolutionary air fresheners use only pure natural fragrance oil with no harmful aerosol gasses
  • Installation Included
    Our expert technicians will quickly and professionally install your freshener where you want it
  • Irresistible Fragrances
    Personalise the atmosphere in your salon with a choice of fragrances to suit your taste
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