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Discreet Waste Management To Keep Your Beauty Salon Clean & Safe

Dealing with waste is one of the least glamorous jobs in your salon, and managing all of your rubbish correctly can be a huge drain on your time and budget. With lots of strict regulations and legislation surrounding the different kinds of waste that beauty salons produce, it can be very difficuly to manage your waste with expert help.

We support beauticians with all of the different kinds of waste that they have to deal with. From general rubbish and recycling, to used needles produced by specialist treatments. Our expert waste management services makes sure that it is all disposed of correctly.

Hassle-Free General Waste Disposal and Recycling For Beauticians

A reliable and expert service for all of your salon's general waste disposal needs. We'll provide your salon with a suitable type of waste bin depending on the size of your salon and how much waste you produce.

Our bins include lockable units and are available in sizes from 240L all the way up to 1100L, so we can cover all of your needs.

We offer flexible collection schedules, which means that you're in controls of your service and can arrange for us to pick up your waste when you need us to. We'll help you segregate your waste and responsibly dispose of all of it for you, recycling as much as possible.

Get in touch today for a free quote and take care of your salon's waste disposal needs.

Learn more about our dedicated waste management service here.

Professional Needle & Sharps Disposal For Beauty Salons


Provicing your clients with treatments such as fillers and botox will result in used needles, which can be very dangerous if they are not disposed of correctly.

We're experts in handling all kinds of waste including sharps and needles, disposing of them responsibly and in accordance with the law, keeping your workplace safe and legally compliant.

Our sharps disposal service provides you with a safe and compliant sharps bin and a collection schedule to suit your needs. Whether you need a regular service or a one-off collection, we will make the process stress free. We'll also arrange for your salon to be registered with the environment agency and provide all the paper work on collection, including consignment notes to help you meet your legal duty of care.

Get in touch today for a free quote and start to safely dispose all your used sharps and needles.

Discreet Waste Collection For All Your Clinical Beauty Treatment Waste


Certain beauty treatments like waxing, electrolysis and microdermabrasion create specific waste that is illegal to be disposed in your usual general waste bin.

Used waxing strips, cotton wool buds, pads and other items used in these treatments are often contaminated with human tissue and therefore must only be disposed of using a clinical waste bag, sometimes called a 'tiger bag' and must also be disposed of by a licensed and responsible carrier.

We can take care of all of your clinical waste, from beauty treatments, supplying you with the correct type of waste bags, waste bin and a flexible collection service to suit your salon. Your business is always our priority and our clinical waste disposal service is designed to help you keep your salon clean, safe and compliant with legislation.

Get in touch for a free quote today.

Discreet Sanitary Waste Bins & Collection For Your Salon

At Direct365, we aim to offer you peace of mind that your customers will have a comfortable and pleasant experience when visiting your beauty salon.

Our modern and stylish sanitary bins are designed to not look out of place, whether your salon has a small bathroom or a large washroom. They are equipped with anti-bacterial coatings and technology designed to destroy malodours, allowing your washroom to remain clean and fresh at all times.

Our collection service is hassle free and tailored to suit your needs, disposing of waste using legally compliant and environmentally friendly methods.

Get in touch for a free quote today and see how we can help meet all of your customers' needs.

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