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Automatic Air Fresheners For Your Tattoo Studio

Attracting new customers into your tattoo studio can be difficult enough without bad smells hanging around in the air putting them off.

A clean and fresh atmosphere with a choice of fragrance to suit your taste is the perfect finishing touch for a modern tattoo studio and will give your customers a pleasant experience and a lasting impression during their visit.

Air Freshener Dispensers With A Choice Of Fragrance For Your Tattoo Studio

Our brand new Airscent Atom air freshener is the most environmentally friendly and effective air freshener on the market.

The Airscent Atom is made with brand new ‘Piezo’ technology that uses 100% fragrance and no aerosols, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

The freshener is battery powered so you can choose wherever you want to put it; install one in the front of your studio to give customers a breath of fresh air when they enter, or in the back to keep your toilets smelling fresh.

The unit automatically releases bursts of freshness every 10 minutes and requires a quick service every 3 months to replace the batteries and refill the scent of your choice.

Choose whichever scent you like from our range:

  • Punchy Orange
  • Floral Breeze
  • Spa Minerals
  • Morning Dew

Get a quote today to get your your own state-of-the-art air freshener.

Air Purifiers For Tatooists That Turn Bacteria, Sweat & Mould Into Clean Air

Our ultra-smart Bio Zone air purifiers don’t just mask bad smells with fragrances, but they actively work to clean the air and destroy unpleasant moisture and germ particles in the air, on surfaces and on floors.

Air purifiers are ideal for large or small studios and use a high tech chemical-free process involving UV light (a natural purifier) to suck in air, eliminate sweat, mould and bacteria and pump out 100% fresh, clean air.

Install one of these and you’ll notice a difference straight away in the atmosphere of your studio, as the purifier not only eliminates bad smells and germs but naturally produces good quality air that is pleasant to breathe and will make your customers more comfortable.

The Bio Zone works 24/7 to clean the air in your studio and includes free installation and an annual service to keep it in full working order.

Get a quote today to get fresh and pure air in your studio.

Order air fresheners, refills & accessories with fast delivery from our online store:

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Hand-held air fresheners for tattooists

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Air purifiers & ozone generators for tattooists


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Air Freshener refills for tattooists


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Air freshener spare parts for tattooists


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Washroom supplies for tattooists

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  • Flexible & Hassle-Free
    Our fresheners are quickly serviced at a time that's convenient for your studio
  • FREE Quote In Under 1 Hour
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  • Eliminate Sweat & Damp
    Our fresheners and purifiers tackle bad smells and even destroy damp, sweat and mould particles
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