At Direct365, we take pride in sourcing suppliers who go the extra mile to create products that are healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly. That’s why we’re thrilled to have started supplying BECO. soap in our Washroom and Hygiene range.

“What’s so inspiring about soap?” You may ask…

About the Soap

Not only do BECO. have important social and eco credentials, they also make top-notch soap.

The fragrances strike a perfect balance between mild and powerful and have been described by users as “fresh”, “light” and “soft and delicious”. You can choose from three nature-inspired scents: Honey Blossom, Spring Meadow or Wild Berries.

The bottle of liquid soap creates a foam lather to give a lot more soap for your spend (as well as leaving hands feeling soft and smelling sweet!).

BECO. estimate that one bottle of their Better Considered soap will “last up to 2.5 times longer than your usual liquid hand wash” helping to massively reduce plastic usage due to less re-purchasing.

Thanks to the soap’s foaming quality, it’s also said that every BECO. bottle can save up to 88 litres of water (as BECO. put it: the equivalent of 440 cups of tea).

Now, time for the Better Considered checklist:

Palm oil free



Paraben and SLS free

No animal testing

Our stock of BECO. liquid soap is suitable for domestic and commercial use, as we supply 250ml bottles as well as 5L refillsto fill up empty bottles or dispensers.

About the People

This revolutionary “Better Considered” company was founded in 2018 and aimed to tackle an important problem in the UK. You see, there’s over a million disabled people currently out of work. Consider that for a moment.

80% of BECO.’s amazing team are disabled. All their products create real jobs for real people in the UK who are visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged. As BECO. put it themselves: “you can change a life from the comfort of your sink by simply switching up your soap”.

For every 5L of soap they sell to a business, BECO. can pay someone like Shane in packaging for an hour’s work. So, if all households in the UK used BECO in their bathrooms, consumers would help to create nearly 45,000 new jobs for people with disabilities. Consider that for more than a moment.

The company truly have their employee’s best interests at heart – they even have a “Steal Our Staff” page on their website, because they believe more UK companies should hire like them and help disadvantaged people find their dream jobs. You can see their wonderful range of staff profiles here.

Thanks to suppliers like this, buying, consuming and giving is possible – all at the same time. Make sure your purchases are Better Considered with Direct365 supplies.

COVID-19 UPDATE: At Direct365, it’s business as usual! Our dedicated team are working hard from home so you can #StaySafe & get all the essential products & services we supply.

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