Confidential Waste Disposal Regulations

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confidential waste disposal

Before we start talking about how to dispose of confidential waste, it’s a good shout to find out what it is, which is personal information. Personal information is anything that identifies an individual. This is more far-reaching than just a name; including everything from their address, bank details, employee ID and much more.   So, […]

Data Day: GDPR 25/08/2018

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  Inboxes filled to the brim with GDPR opt-in emails. Dozens of “GDPR consultant” roles propping up from nowhere. Waiting hours on the phone to speak with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).   It’s been a mad dash this week for last-minute GDPR readiness. Thankfully, ICO seems to have everything under control… Since November last […]

Protecting the Parish

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The General Data protection Regulations (GDPR) will affect everyone. Even religious institutions. It comes into force on the 25th May 2018.   If you hadn’t had a chance to see our guide, click here   What does this mean for churches?   GDPR is all about strengthening the rights of the public. This could affect […]

Schools Need Shredding

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confidential school shredding service

Are you aware of GDPR? Read this first. According to a School week article “66 schools reported data breaches in 2015, including the accidental loss, theft or revealing of information”. The main culprits? Out of date IT equipment and stored data files. They recommend freeing up a staff member three times a week to dust […]

69% of the UK Do Not Trust Businesses with their Personal Information

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Sharing personal information with a company or organisation is often a vital and necessary part of doing business, or indeed functioning in modern society. But your credit card details, address, telephone number or communication details, all of which are considered personal, can be damaging in the wrong hands. Despite the need for sharing this information, […]

GDPR or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data Protection Act

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GDPR has become a dirty word. Article after article dispels it as the business apocalypse. If you take one look at the news on data protection, it’s a divisive subject that has erupted into scaremongering. The biggest tactic when talking about GDPR is the massive fines. Since we first reported on GDPR, the information commissioner’s […]