Library Fire Safety

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library fire safety

What is one thing you can lose, never get back, or ever find again?   From the lost work of Nikola Tesla to the library of Alexandria.  A whole wealth of human knowledge lost forever. In the case of fire, there’s a wealth of history lost to the flame. As preservers of education and the […]

Fire Safety Month (Garages) – 3 Recent Cases of Arson

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car fire

Where do we start with this portion of fire safety month without a regular victim to fires? Cars. Cars are troublesome machines filled to the brim with fire risks. Common causes include overheating catalytic converters and overheated engines. Even the latest models aren’t safe from the threat of accidental fire. However, one third car fires […]

Fire Safety Month (Offices) – Office Fires: What to do and how to prevent

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fire safety office

Office Fires: the common causes The first step in fire prevention is identifying the potential hazards in your office workplace. The fire safety advice centre suggests offices are a moderate fire risk primarily due to worker carelessness. The four main causes of an office fire are the following: Smoking Materials carelessly discarded Cooking Appliances left on and […]

Fire Safety Month (Landlords) – What Do You Need To Know?

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New law for landlords The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill provides tenants extra rights to have properties safe and well maintained during their tenancy. It is not in effect as of this moment; the bill is currently going through parliamentary procedures. Why is this law being introduced? After high-profile […]