Fixed Wire Testing & Electrical Inspections

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what is fixed wire testing

  So, electricity.   It powers everything and keeps us going from our freezers, lights and household appliances. Behind the flick of a switch is a circuit board that keeps everything going hunky dory.   Fixed or Portable wires? Let’s begin with the primary differences. Fixed wire testing is not the same as Portable Appliance […]

Landlord’s To Do List: Legionella and Your Legal Obligations

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Legionella and Landlord responsibilities Legionella is classed as a “hazardous biological agent”: it’s a bacteria found in water, and contamination can lead to Legionnaires’ disease, which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Regular testing is the best preventative measure for an outbreak. Legionella can contaminate domestic hot and cold water systems, so temperature checks […]

Life Saving Equipment in Public Places: The Need for a Defib

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Are cardiac arrests becoming more common or are we just hearing about them more in the news? In the UK we’re constantly being told that we’re overweight, unhealthy or not doing enough aerobic activity (cue Dr. Christian Jessen..) Although an unhealthy regime is a big contributing factor for cardiac arrests, it’s the young, fit and […]