Care About Your Patients? Care About Legionella! Get the Key Information for Healthcare Businesses

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Legionella in healthcare

Legionella contamination is a risk in any environment that uses water systems. That being said, it’s safe to say that the risk of Legionella concerns most businesses across the UK. However, the dangers of Legionnaire’s disease are significantly increased in healthcare premises, due to the condition of residents, and it’s the responsibility of facility owners […]

How clean is your dental chair?

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how clean is your dental chair

Legionella Dental Practice Did you know there were 450 confirmed UK cases of Legionella in 2017? It is debatable about the number of occurrences of Legionella within dental practices; many articles on the subject are from research articles. However, the likelihood of the disease spreading is possible. Biofilms can develop within the pipework of modern […]