Credit Apathy for UK SME

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credit apathy

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce suggested that over half of UK businesses have not attempted to apply for finance over the past year. With the bulk of companies interviewed looking to invest in critical areas such as IT and data securities, staff training and marketing and advertising. What’s the reason to hesitate when […]

Intellectual Property: Top 5 Washroom Inventions

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Top 5 washroom inventions

What does Intellectual Property mean for small businesses? Each year on April 26th the world celebrates Intellectual Property Day. This day is a way to congratulate those who make our lives a little easier because of their creations. For small businesses and the self-employed, your individuality sets you above everyone else. The benefit of having […]

Landlord’s To Do List: Legionella and Your Legal Obligations

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Legionella and Landlord responsibilities Legionella is classed as a “hazardous biological agent”: it’s a bacteria found in water, and contamination can lead to Legionnaires’ disease, which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Regular testing is the best preventative measure for an outbreak. Legionella can contaminate domestic hot and cold water systems, so temperature checks […]

Charity crackdown – Why 13 major charities were fined between 2015-17

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Cause of the fine The information commissioners office (ICO) is an independent UK authority. They work to protect the privacy rights of individuals. Between 2015-17 they oversaw an investigation into charities fundraising activities. In total, 13 major charitable organisations faced fines of £180,000 collectively. Charities breached donor privacy in the following ways to secure further […]

You couldn’t pay me to do it! Changing behaviour with gamification

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What is Gamification? A computer programmer named Nick Pelling coined the term gamification in 2002. Nick said this is “applying in game-like accelerated user interface design to make electronic transactions both enjoyable and fast” [Nick Pelling]. This meant implementing games into devices like mobile phones to help new users become more comfortable with their device. […]