Pigeon Bird Control

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So, what do people think of pigeons? In an old independent article from the 90’s, feelings were made pretty clear. Then there are people with a more “hands-on approach”.Unfortunately, pigeons will always be a pest, it’s not a species that can be so easily culled. The UK isn’t going to run a Four Pests campaign […]

Top Ten UK Summer Pests

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UK Pests

The summer sun is an invigorating addition to what we’re used to. Although, as you enjoy the turn in the weather so do common pests. Many bugs exist all the way through the year while others find the summertime as a hunting ground.   Coming out of hibernation to strike havoc among the populace. Well, […]

Rats in the UK

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Changes in the waste collection have seen an increase in rat sightings across the UK. If left to their own devices one pair can breed 2,000 rats within one year. Like some Maslovian nightmare, rats only need food water and shelter before they begin making a problem. But, we’ve got cats to take care of […]