Not part of the Job

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  Violence shouldn’t happen in any job. Well, unless you’re a boxer or UFC fighter that’s expected. For those who work in the retail sector, violence and abuse at work have become “just part of the job”, with 92% of retail workers in Scotland having endured physical and/or verbal abuse at work.   There are […]

Sorry, I don’t take cash.

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  When was the last time you paid for something with your card?   Card and contactless have ended up overtaking notes and coins as the principal payment method for purchases. That’s everything from fuel, shopping and trips to the pub.   Although, It’s unlikely your local car-boot sale or farmers market has access to […]

An empty toy story – What retail can learn from the Toys R Us Closure

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28th February 2018. Forlorn UK shoppers will remember this as the day retail outlet Toys R Us went into administration. As crowds of people cry out why this happened, online opinions seem to come to a similar consensus. Levelled complaints against online retailers and the changing preference in today’s society. But, is this the real reason […]

How to Optimise Store Layout to Increase Sales

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As an online business, we can often get engulfed in a world of conversion rates, landing pages, pay per click adverts and bounce rates. Whilst this terminology might lend itself more fluently to the online marketplace, the principles just as easily can, and almost certainly should, translate into an offline setting. As consumers, we all […]