Sanitary Bins

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sanitary bins

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that men and women should have suitable sanitary conveniences in the washroom. Sanitary bins cover the hygienic requirements of babies, women and the infirm all in one unit.   Sanitary and waste Why bother with a bin when you can flush it all down the toilet? […]

Schools Need Shredding

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confidential school shredding service

Are you aware of GDPR? Read this first. According to a School week article “66 schools reported data breaches in 2015, including the accidental loss, theft or revealing of information”. The main culprits? Out of date IT equipment and stored data files. They recommend freeing up a staff member three times a week to dust […]

Disposing of Sharps: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Business Compliant

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sharps disposal

Waste Management can seem like a whirlwind of regulations, especially if you’re a new business owner or if you face changes in your waste disposal needs. Don’t panic! Free yourself from stressing over what to do with waste by following our straightforward guide on sharps disposal. Let’s begin with the basics… What are sharps? “Sharps” […]

New Year, New Mess: How to stay vigilant on fly tipping

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fly tipping

You may have heard of fly tipping in the news or signposted around your local town. The origin of the phrase “Tipping” is a very old term for dumping. Whilst “fly” is derived from the phrase “on the fly” – the act of carrying out an activity in a rush. Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping […]

What Should You Have For Your Baby Changing Facilities?

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what should you have for your baby changing facilities

When thinking of baby changing facilities, it is important to consider what is necessary. This is to ensure that your customers have everything they need to complete a nappy change in the most hygienic way possible. Baby Changer Having a good baby changer that fits the room without compromising the space is vital for providing […]