Open All Winter. Keeping Kids Safe From Slips, Trips And Falls.

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children snow safety

How did you manage with the snow last year?

While a snow day may be a kids dream come true, it’s a real headache for schools.

Avoiding the likelihood of accidental slips, trips and falls plus the ensuing anger from parents can be a real hassle.

You’ve got to prepare for the snow, have the gritting supplies on hand and then deal with pouring it out on the pathways and yard surfaces.

As an employer and business owner, you may already have procedures in place for any potential risks.

However, if you haven’t got anything that includes winter safety, it’s a good idea to carry out an initial winter hazard risk assessment.


Winter Hazard Risk Assessment

The Health & Safety Executive clarify that a risk assessment “  is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork, but rather about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace”. When considering the children, parents and staff, you’ll want to keep in mind the following:


  1. Where the potential hazards would come from: snow, ice on pathways, outside play areas, car parking spaces.
  2. Who might be at risk: Anyone entering the premises, including staff, parents and children.
  3. Managing the risk: How do you mitigate the risks? Having readily available gritting supplies, a service in place or close down for heavy snow days?
  4. Record your findings: If you have fewer than five employees you don’t have to write anything down; any more and you’re required by law to have one written down. It’s good to have it noted down what you’re doing to control the risks.


One way of keeping your doors open during snow days is through an efficient snow clearance and gritting service.


children snow safety service

Direct365 Snow Clearance and Gritting Service

The person who has to deal with gritting the snow and ice is far more likely to have an accident.

Using a state of the art automated forecasting system, we can predict when heavy snowfall is likely to happen.

This time you’ll be prepared against the beast from the east.

Servicing from 7PM-7AM, we can ensure your premises are safe to walk on through the help of our gritting and snow clearance service.

Using white marine rock salt; our trained operatives (DBS-Checked personnel if needed) will rid snow up to as low as -6°.

Let us take responsibility so that if the worst were to happen, your school would have clear evidence of an adequate safety service.

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Now that outdoors is safe, how do you fare against wet, mushy feet?

winter mat service

Direct365 Matting Service

A good mat is fit for all seasons, especially when UK weather is concerned. Rain, sleet or snow, we provide floor care solutions to improve hygiene, health and safety from the front door and beyond.

Slips, trips and falls can happen from both outside and inside, a good entrance mat absorbs all the mud, leaves, water and moisture the children’s shoes drag in.

Teaching children to wipe their feet before they enter is a good lesson to instil in them. It’s good manners after all.

Our mats service goes hand in hand with our snow clearance. It’s helping to mitigate all chances of a slip, trip and fall.

We provide a hassle, free cleaning & replacement service.

You’ll never be without a mat, and that’s a fact.

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