Commercial Hair Dryers UK

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commercial hair dryers uk

Are you in the market for a new hairdryer for your business?

Let us share some insight into the range of hair dryers Direct365 have to offer.

Wall mounted hair dryer

Valera Professional Hair Dryer With Fitted Plug

The Valera hair dryer is a great choice for salon owners. With three air temperature settings, two air-flow settings and two cool airflow speed settings, there is a variety of choice in how you dry.



wall mounted hair dryer



But, how do you mount it?

Easily slot the dryer inside this simple to place bracket.

Hair dryer bracket






An IP Rating stands for International Protection Rating; this rating determines the devices maximum resistance to contact from solids and liquids. The first digit is for solids (dust, fingers, wires) while the second digit is for liquids (dripping/splashing/ full immersion in water). When choosing a bathroom hair dryer, you would want a reasonably high liquid rating.


Hyco Digital Wall Mounted Hair Dryer


The Hyco is suitable for use by hotels and similar commercial businesses. It’s built for a more one-to-one session not rigorous heavy use at a gym or swimming baths. The model is safe in bathrooms as it holds an IP24 splash proof rating; this protects it from water spray coming from any direction. The device automatically works once you lift the handle.

Hotel Hand Dryer



Bathroom Hair Dryer


When looking for a bathroom hair dryer, you’ll need a high IP rating to prevent your dryer from suffering water damage.

Valera Hotello Bathroom Automatic Hair Dryer

As you may be able to guess from the name, the hotello hair dryer is specially made for hotel bathrooms. With all the necessary components for a quick and easy installation. This model comes with an IP rating of 34 – this means splashing water doesn’t harm the device. Available in white or silver!

Bathroom Hair Dryer





Valera Styler Deluxe Hair Dryer

When approaching the topic of industrial hair dryers, how impressive is the device? Fitted with a powerful, long life DC Pro Motor this stylish dryer provides a massive 1800 watts of drying power. For the industrial strength hair dryer that you can’t live without, look no further than the Valera styler.

industrial hand dryer




Be assured, we’re not blowing hot air when we say our range of hair dryers are the best around.


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