For many workspaces around the UK, employees will spend a good portion of their life at work. So, as an employer, it’s important to make sure staff are well hydrated to keep them working to their best ability. You can do this with the help of water coolers.

Not only does water keep your team perky and fresh; water carries oxygen to your body’s cells, which results in a healthy body, healthy mind — helping to reduce sickness and absenteeism.

As an employer, the big choice would be in deciding whether to choose between a mains fed or bottled water cooler. In this article, we’ll give you the benefits and setbacks to either choice.


Mains-Fed Water Coolers


Mains-fed water coolers allow you to use your water supply, prioritising cost-effectiveness. Here are the pros and cons of having one in your workplace.


Pros of mains fed water cooler

Mains fed means you’ll be getting clean and safe water anytime, every time. The coating used in the water coolers we supply provide microbial protection against bacteria. You are minimising the risk of cross-contamination, foul odours and a bad taste in your mouth.

Our mains-fed coolers are top of the line, with state of the art purification measures, which destroy bacteria and get rid of many common viruses, all without adding any chemicals into the drinking water.

Another advantage you’ll find is the option for both hot and cold water. This handy tech will help add a little variety; cordial for a cold day, coffee for the mornings. Energise the taste buds while delivering maximum satisfaction.

Mains fed coolers will satisfy your eco-friendly credentials. Relying on a lack of bottled water means less plastic pollution dealt into the environment — no need to have a heavy heart when it comes down to your water needs.


Cons of mains fed water cooler

While mains-fed sounds like a dream come true, there are some drawbacks.

Mains fed water coolers need to be hooked up to the mains supply. Electricity is required to work the machines; this makes sense though, hot water doesn’t come out the bloom. So you would, in theory, need electricity to warm up your drink of choice.

Additionally, think of the cooler as a conduit between your electricity and water supply, it needs both working to do its job correctly. Mains fed water supplies don’t store water naturally so if theirs an issue with the local supplier, the dispenser will fail to work as intended.


Does a mains fed water cooler sound right for your business?

We provide easy to use and highly functional systems, boasting a smart design and superior quality. Made from durable material and built to last, our mains coolers are suitable for any work environment.

With a nationwide UK service, get a free 7-day trial, free delivery and free installation with us.

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Bottled Water Coolers

bottled water cooler

Bottled water coolers are counter-top or freestanding pieces fo equipment that will have that iconic upturned bottle sitting on top. Here are the pros and cons.

Pros of Bottled Water Coolers

The “cerise” bottled water coolers we provide aren’t eco-offenders. Instead of handing plastic jug after jug, we utilise lightweight hydration packs which are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Meaning this option doesn’t have you storing empty bottles or contributing to hurting the environment. If anything, you’re helping mother earth by advocating a progressive, forward-thinking approach to workplace hydration.

Bottled water systems are easily portable, allowing you to place them towards the nearest power supply outlet. They are ideally suited for smaller businesses where you can measure how much water usage goes through the average month.


Cons of Bottle Water Coolers

As with Mains fed water coolers; these devices need an electricity supply to support hot/cold water and the purification process. Another more glaring issue you’ll find with specific water cooler models is more of a design issue.

If people aren’t careful, they can just as easily knock into the dispenser and topple the bottle over. However, that’s dealing in hypotheticals rather than actualities. Just make sure your staff tie their shoelaces!

Bottled water coolers are a fantastic way of providing chilled, filtered water to your staff or visitors. Our dedicated customer care team can set you up on a delivery schedule to suit your needs. Never worry about running out of water with the help of a reliable service plan.


Does a bottled water cooler sound right for your business?

With a nationwide UK service, Get a free 7-day trial, free delivery and free installation with us.

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