Before we start talking about how to dispose of confidential waste, it’s a good shout to find out what it is, which is personal information. Personal information is anything that identifies an individual. This is more far-reaching than just a name; including everything from their address, bank details, employee ID and much more.


So, what does this mean for your company?

As a result of much-needed upgrades to the data protection law. When the General Data Protection Regulations came in full force in May, businesses who hadn’t heard were suddenly left scratching their heads. For a quick catch up check out our GDPR introduction guide. Click here.


With all this hoohah over personal data, the UK office in charge, ICO (information commissioner’s office) leads a strict but fair regime. Small businesses have a brief respite towards the application and understanding of personal data, unlike bigger companies who get dealt a harsher hand.


That doesn’t mean you can slack off. For example, a small business in Telford faced a £2000 fine for failing to register with ICO. It’s not difficult to follow the rules, if you have personal data that isn’t needed, get rid of it.


You can do this with a Confidential Waste Disposal.


Regular Confidential Waste Disposal

You don’t want to be low-hanging fruit when it comes to data theft. An ordinary paper shredder is prone to damage with staples, paper clips proving too troublesome for them to take.  A secure shredding container does away with this problem. Place the documents that need disposing of and hey presto, it’s picked up and taken care of.


Our service provides a secure chain of custody, from the moment one container leaves the premises to its destination of destruction. With GPS tracked vans and ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited staff, your documents and data will be shredded and recycled with the utmost confidentiality.

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One Off Confidential Waste Disposal

If you require a complete purge of all your documents, we offer an ad-hoc service specifically built for you. When  that you fill the bag with:

Client files, contact lists, financial reports, private correspondence, employee records, business documents, staples and paperclips.


Whether you’re shredding old records or in need of a proper spring clean, a one-off shred will be ideal for you. If you’re not sure what is and isn’t fit for shredding, we will plan out a free site survey to assess what’s best for you.


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