As we stand, COVID cases are on the rise. The numbers are at levels not seen since the last lockdown earlier in the year, when they reached 68,000+ cases at the highest point. There is certainly a possibility that numbers could reach that point again. Some news outlets state that officials are bracing themselves for 100,000 cases a day in the near future. While these numbers are scary, there are still COVID hygiene actions you can do for your staff and workplace that keep risk at a minimum.

What is the Government’s Current Stance?

As of 22nd October 2021, very little had changed. The U.K Government has stated they are keeping an eye on cases, but as things stand, restrictions are largely lifted. Companies are at their own discretion as to how they want to handle COVID cases within working environments.

There has recently been lots of talk about the Government changing to their plan B. This is a plan the public are currently unaware of but would likely include additional lifestyle-based restrictions. This could include smaller restrictions such as wearing face masks.

What COVID Hygiene Practices Could I Use to Prevent Cases?

There are several risk-cutting actions you can take to reduce the risk of COVID-19 within your workplace. The first thing to say is that being sensible is the best advice. If there are people who don’t need to work from the office all the time, it may be worth splitting people’s time between home and the office. However, if this isn’t an option, or you would rather avoid further disruption to face-to-face working, we’ve got a reminder of what you may need.

Keep 2 Meters Apart

This is the really simple one, but it’s most obvious to keep the virus away from as many people as possible. Falling back on implementing a 2m rule and one-way system would ensure that people are reasonably far from each other most of the day.

Air Purification

Air purification can help reduce all types of airborne illnesses and would help with COVID-19 in the workplace. Purification systems captures and removes particles from the air. These particles can be anything from pollen and dust, but also particles that come from coughing and sneezing. While air purification works, this should be a final line of defense and something to use in addition to other sensible measures. If you are interested in using air purification to protect against COVID, you can find out more on this page.

A Constant Cleaning Rota

A great way to ensure COVID transmission is to a minimum is to apply a thorough cleaning rota to your workplace.

We imagine that your business already hires cleaners and ensures the premises is clean and tidy. But as people move around the office, they will touch things. Tables, door handles, the fridge door, anything. Applying a small cleaning rota for your employees to keep on top of can keep COVID away from as many people as possible. COVID hygiene is important and this could be a huge help.

Direct365 have countless products that can help protect your employees from contracting COVID within their workplace. These actions will not 100% stop someone catching COVID, but they will minimise the chances. For more cleaning and sanitizer products, see our back to work selection.