Be #CyberAware this month.

Remember how the GDPR act (General Data Protection Regulations) was all over the news earlier this year?

You couldn’t step out of the shadow of constant “we are updating our privacy policy” emails bordering on dumb irony. It was a non-stop mesh of spam, spam, spam!


Well, spare the frights, shock and horror because October is cyber security month.

Presumably, every other month was taken.


Even though the likelihood of financial penalties seems relegated for outrageous data breaches, the number of prosecutions has risen exponentially since the introduction of GDPR.

In the last month, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) prosecuted companies and singular individuals for there part in data breaches. Maybe its worth having a refresh on data security after all?


Cyber Security: A Shared Responsibility


Human Error: Take the Quiz

Human error is one of the most obvious blunders. For example, leaving your computer on or sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient. In fact, in the last two years, ICO has had a 75% increase in human error reports. Downloading and installing the latest software only works as well as the training behind it. All good and well saying you’re confident in your data processes and the fancy copy pasta privacy policy installed last week.


How good is cybersecurity if you don’t know the fundamentals.


Put it this way, how fresh is your cybersecurity knowledge?

Take the quiz to find out.

cyber security quiz


How did you do?


Online Only: Source of Income

The war between brick and mortar vs eCommerce still wages hard in the present time. While robbers look for an open window to raid from, hackers online look for an opening in the gullibility of online owners.  Through attacks called ransomware.


Ransomware is a subset of malware in which hackers lock a victims device until the hacker gets paid. Usually, this occurs under a very strict time limit and if the victim is unlucky.


The data remains lost forever.


For a start-up, this scenario represents doomsday.


There are approximately 12-24 million eCommerce stores selling products around the world today. A businesses livelihood exists on the precipice towards their understanding of defending against attacks like these.

cyber security protection

As both an online retailer and provider for small businesses, we understand the deft complexities that come with cybersecurity and data protection. To protect your business from the threat of a data breach, the fines that inevitably follow and the shirking destruction of your sole reputation. We implore you to get secure.


Confidential shredding

cyber destruction

Be as secure in your data as Banksy is in his adamant disdain towards auction houses.


It is inevitable that your business will deal with personal information at some point, whether that is a customer or an employee. From confidential records, hard drives and especially identification cards. Every business plays a hand in this from hospitals, care homes and councils and anyone else that deals with sensitive personal information.


What you need to look out for specifically:

Information that links back to someone from their date of birth, phone number and even email address.

Workplace information that relates to education, salary and tax information.

Physical information like their medical history, eye colour and sick leave transcripts.


Notice a few red flags pop up?

Before taking the plunge, we offer an instant quote. So have a sit-down, think about what schedule would suit you best. Maybe you want to see how it all works, with our on-site shredding service, we will park at your premises. This service allows you to view for yourself how we carry out the destruction of confidential information.


Get in touch with us today for a data security service that isn’t for just a month. Help to secure your future.

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