GDPR or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data Protection Act

by Michael Addison in Data Protection | posted:

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GDPR has become a dirty word.

Article after article dispels it as the business apocalypse.

If you take one look at the news on data protection, it’s a divisive subject that has erupted into scaremongering. The biggest tactic when talking about GDPR is the massive fines.

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Since we first reported on GDPR, the information commissioner’s office (ICO) have answered questions on the myths surrounding it.

Data Protection – Big fines and prison time

Businessmen and women tossing and turning in their sleep as ICO comes calling.

That’s the impression, but not the reality. These goals are their foundation:

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GDPR will not change the way ICO treat businesses. As long as businesses are transparent and honest, fines will be the last resort.

“The ICO’s commitment to guiding, advising and educating organisations about how to comply with the law will not change under the GDPR.”

Their duty is upholding information rights for the public. Companies have less than two months before the act becomes a reality.


Have your say on the Data Protection Bill

The data protection bill has moved from the second reading to the committee stage in the house of commons. This means that the public bill committee can take views from outside sources, anyone with a passing interest or expertise can submit their views to the committee until Tuesday 27th March.

One part of the bill that has caused great contention is the proposal of including an immigration exemption clause. According to the open rights group, this exemption prevents the Home Office from coming under question and would let them ” share and collect data without restraint or safeguards, defeating the whole purpose of the Data Protection Bill”.


What can be done in the meantime?

It is inevitable that your business will deal with personal information at some point, whether that is a customer or an employee. The Information Controller’s Office (ICO) reported that concerns over data protection have risen by 30% in the last year.

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