There’s dirt in the air.

Think of the typical working day, from when you, your staff and visitors enter through the door. Your first line of defence is the entrance matting. It doesn’t matter how often your cleaners vacuum and dust the interiors, if you’re not doing anything about the entrance mats, then the overall indoor air quality will suffer.


How clean is your carpet?

dirty mats

Hiding underneath the natural fabrics of your matting is a smorgasbord of bacteria.  Studies show that  70-80% of dirt and debris littering the office comes straight from the front door, by way of employee and visitors shoes.

Every step taken to the office is littered with the presence of bad bacteria, from the pavement to inside the car. That’s everything from dirt, faecal matter and moisture, all leading to nasty, lasting consequences.


The Consequences of Dirt

bacteria mats

No one likes a mess. Especially your visitors. First impressions still make a difference, and the last thing you want is for them to think you’re running a pigsty.

Additionally, the air your breathe, your health and concentration can be affected by something as simple as a messy mat. Buildings with poor indoor air quality have a higher likelihood of viruses swarming the air. This has the untimely consequence of staff sickness, lower productivity and ultimately a failing business.

By keeping on top of the little things, your workplace has a better chance of being the very best it can be, all with the help of a regular mat service.


Replacing Mats Can Be Expensive

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Not sure about a service?

Before shopping online for a replacement mat, you should take into consideration the subsequent costs of mat replacement. Thinking about the amount of foot traffic your business brings in on a day-to-day basis may mean it’s not the wises decision to continuously replace.

There’s a much more cost-effective option that won’t make a dent in your pocket.

Besides the cost involved, a regular service will give you another added benefit that would prove difficult with online shopping — customising the mat to perfectly fit your entrance. That way, every foot makes its way onto the carpet, reducing the likelihood of creating an additional mess.


Expert Commercial Mat Service

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Do you get your clothes laundered?

It’s the same for your clothes as for your mats. Clean living makes for a healthy life. At Direct365, we believe all businesses should be equipped with high-quality mats helping to keep floors clean, well maintained, and risk-free while looking good.

We’ll tailor our cleaning schedule to suit your needs, leaving you with a fresh replacement mat with each service. Get in touch today for an instant quote!

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