Fire Risk Assessment: Small Business Guide

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  requires employers to carry out a fire risk assessment. Which includes measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and identify any persons at risk. You’ll need to consider a variety of different factors such as emergency exits, fire detection systems and create an emergency evacuation plan. 

Being compliant takes a deal of expertise, which for most business owners is too much time taken out of their day-to-day operations. There’s an easy answer to this. 

First things first.


What is a fire risk assessment?

what is a fire risk assessment

A fire risk assessment will help determine the chances of a fire starting and the dangers of that fire starting in and around your premises. It must take the whole area into account, including that of outdoor locations and any rooms rarely used. 

What if the building isn’t yours?

Even if you don’t own the building; fire safety responsibilities fall under those who are renting the workspace. This is common practice when signing the contract for a leased building.


The Health and Safety Executive summarise that “Your fire risk assessment should demonstrate that, as far as is reasonable, you have considered the needs of all relevant persons, including disabled people.”

Nobody knows the business better than yourself. On the other hand, even if there’s a kindling of doubt in your ability to complete the fire risk assessment, you can arrange for a qualified and experienced person to complete the evaluation on your behalf.


Commercial Fire Risk Assessment

fire safety assessment

For employers with 5 or more people, you must keep a written record of your up-to-date fire risk assessment; failure to provide this may lead to loss of insurance claims, fines and even prosecution. Fire damage is costly and can destroy businesses. 

It is a difficult task figuring out all the fire safety requirements; such as proper evacuation procedures or what the correct tools are needed to deal with fires (fire extinguishers aren’t a one answer suits all after all). Some extinguishers are effective against specific chemicals and ineffective against others. Our technicians will come to your premises at a time to suit you and present you with a full record of findings, as well as an emergency plan and hazard-prevention guidance. 

Solving your problem at a time that best fits you.

Escape the pressure of handling all that yourself by putting your trust into Direct365. We’re experts in workplace safety and accredited with industry-wide bodies like UKAS, NICEIC and BIFM to carry out your assessments. You’ll get a detailed report distinguishing the hazards and risks ranging from low, medium and high to give you the best and clear understanding of the risks to your business.


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