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Do you have an evacuation plan in place?

A fire warden is a designated person within a department whose aim is to contribute to the safety of people in the event there’s a fire evacuation. To make sure they are fit for the job at hand, fire wardens need sufficient training in all aspects fire-safety related.

In this article, we’ll explain why you need trained fire wardens for the safety and protection of your staff and visitors alike.


Why do you need a Fire Warden?


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, states that employers must have a sufficient number of competent persons to take on fire safety responsibilities, all requiring fire warden training. You might appoint any manager, supervisor or team leaders within the company with this role.

Having a designated fire warden in the workplace is an essential part of fire prevention. The fire warden works alongside an employer to manage the fire safety measures and ensure all evacuation procedures are transparent, efficient and effective.

The fire warden training we provide can be completed in a single day. A City & Guilds certified course, applying your staff to this course will provide trainees with the right experience and knowledge to carry out the very best in fire-preventative and risk assessment practices.


What Does The Fire Warden Course Cover?

fire warden course details

This course will help your business to comply with fire safety regulations by providing thorough fire safety information and preparing delegates for emergencies. At the end of the training, participants will face a theory test which upon successful completion, will award them with the fire warden certification.

The agenda includes:

  • Fire safety legislation and regulations
  • An overview of workplace injuries and incidents statistics
  • The characteristics of fire, fire spread and common causes
  • Health effects of extreme heat and smoke exposure
  • Fire risk assessment and control methods
  • Portable firefighting equipment and fixed detection systems
  • Principles of fire safety, including alarms, evacuation and escape plan
  • Duties of the fire warden in a fire emergency


Fire Warden Training Made Simple


At Direct365, we help all kinds of businesses with fire safety services. Like ensuring their fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and alarms are all in working order.

Though it’s not just the tools that do the job, having your staff equipped with the knowledge of fire safety practices, and enabling them to herd others in a crisis is a price worth paying.

You can’t cut corners when it comes to employee safety. Failing to adhere to the safety laws have seen companies face hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fines. Fines can break a starting company and even cause closures for big businesses. Make the right decision today and book your trusted staff onto this reliable, accredited course.


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