Sugar on the rise. Why food manufacturers need Pat Testing

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Will the sugar drinks tax affect the food industry?


A topic within the food and drink industry over the past couple of months has been changed with the introduction of a soft drinks industry levy. This tax applies to “drinks you produce, package, own the brand of, or bring into the UK”.

Since the sugar tax became official on April 6th public opinion is divided with feelings of support and condemnation for the initiative.



Now the tax levy only applies to soft drinks, this tax has led to voices concerning how long before sugars in food become a taxable commodity? The current government stance is one of an advisory than of enforcement.

Like anything in life in the case of excess sugar, this can lead to long-term health problems. Given that this is the idea behind the tax and advisories in the first place. For the food industry the major question to ask: are people losing their sweet tooth?


UK Food Manufacturing Statistics 2018

uk food manufacturing 2018 statistics

The UK food manufacturing industry amounts to 19% of the manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom with SME food manufacturers amounting to 97% of the total food manufacturers.


Even with the rising fears of a sugar clampdown confectionary sales are expected to see an 8.6% increase by 2019. The love of food (let’s not forget that sugar) is certainly on the rise. Now how can food manufacturers continue to be the strong backbone of the food manufacturing industry?


Food Manufacturer Pat Testing

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PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) involves checking over any electrical appliance with portable plug sockets. For food manufacturers, this means freezers, fridges and any commercial kitchen appliances.


When Should I get PAT Testing?

For this workplace, it’s recommended portable and handheld equipment is tested as often as every 6 months. Over time, appliances can deteriorate; the reason for this frequent testing is both safety and cost-effectiveness. Repairs that are caught earlier reduce the likelihood of needing to replace your itinerary.


Who can carry out PAT Testing for food manufacturers?

Testers must have knowledge and understanding of the equipment that requires testing.


Direct365 are an accredited contractor for your Pat Testing requirements. Our experienced safety testing engineers will provide a thorough and professional examination of all portable electrical appliances on your premises.

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