How To Choose The Right Health and Safety Signs

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Safety signs and signals are covered under The Health and Safety Regulations 1996.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states “Signs must be clear and legible, and should be used to identify actions that are prohibited, safeguards that must be followed, warning of a hazard”.


So, are they really needed? Is this just an excuse to tick off a checklist!?


In 2017 alone, the HSE estimate that 18% of the total non-fatal injuries in the workplace occurred by slips, trips and falls. This amounts to around 111,000  published cases per year.


When searching for the appropriate signs to guide the way, these are the best choices.


Health and Safety Signs

health and safety signs

It’s a good thing to have everyone on the same page. No pun intended.

The workplace health and safety guide posters we supply, address everything from Office Safety, basic resuscitation and much more on a single page spread.


Mount them on a wall, they can be a helpful reminder if the intermittent health & safety training has left your employee’s minds. Think of it as  reminders by association. These colourful images stand out from the background will help employees absorb the information provided in these posters.


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Site Management Signs

slip hazard cone

Whether it’s to warn potential criminals of CCTV in operation or guide visitors and employees away from a spill. Site management signs provide a visual cue with clear, simple instructions.


But don’t make the mistake of leaving them for prolonged periods of time.


As with most visual cues, people will eventually become desensitised from seeing the same information displayed in front of them. If a sign is no longer needed, remove it and only place it when it’s needed most. That way your signs are read, respected and followed.


Use them when you need them.


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Fire Safety Signs

fire exit sign

If your premises have a small layout, a fire exit sign may not be needed. They are best used when the exit isn’t immediately obvious. Think about it, in the case of a serious emergency, logic usually goes out the window.


Night-time, Windowless or smoke filled areas can cause a serious reduction in visibility, leading to panic and disorientation to take over. Glow in the dark photoluminescent signs provides a cost-effective solution.


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