The best high-five is a clean high-five

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The big three: Fist bumps, Handshakes and High Fives

First things first. You should take this with a pinch of salt.

Now, why not a handshake or fist bump?

After all, there is scientific proof that a fist bump spreads fewer germs than a handshake. Although, a fist bump is considered unprofessional.  If you were to rate each of them:

Handshakes – Tweed jacket

Fist bumps – Hoody

High Fives – Business attire


Now, you’re preparing to start a high-five culture in your workplace. But you ask yourself “when is the right time?”.

Feast your eyes on the hows, whens and whys to create the best high five.

high five or handshake?

When is the right time to give a high five?

Would it be appropriate to high five new clients? No.

Some situations require taking a different tact.

Just as introducing a new employee to the fold with an ill-timed fist bump is unwise. The question you should ask yourself: Is it business appropriate to high five an employee for a job well done?

Of course.

A well-placed high five creates a positive working atmosphere. The feeling of connectedness resonates in the room, kneading a common level between managers and employees.

high five business practice

But, this glowing form of interpersonal human contact has a darker side you should be aware of.

Dirty hands pandemic

dirty hands

It’s bred in from an early age to wash our hands after leaving the bathroom, though, folks in the UK often don’t wash their hands. The reasoning is that dirty hands and infections aren’t seen as being correlated.

The NHS recommends the correct way to wash your hands takes 20 seconds or 2 renditions of happy birthday. It seems silly there needs to be a video on this, but not too long ago Britain’s were shamed as being the worst flu spreaders.

So, you want to promote a high-five but are worried about the spread of germs?


No Germs Hand Sanitiser.

(Or better yet a soap dispenser service)

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Picture this, the moment has arrived. You’ve built up this day in your head to deliver the first, historic high five that will lay the foundation of your workplace forever.

But in the moment of hand slapping pride, you’ve missed one crucial detail.

Your hands are dirty from lunch.

The moments ruined.

Fear not, this does not have to be the fateful scenario. There is still time, quickly move yourself on over to the well-placed hand sanitiser. Cleaning those hands and rendering them germ-free.

Your moment has now arrived.

Are you ready?

Well done.

But this was a short-term win. You know that. Encourage your employees to follow suit.


Don’t let them become the “germ guy”

no germs hand sanitiser


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