Did you know that the names of some county towns: Middlewich, Northwich and Nantwich were named because of their nearby salt mines? You see,  the old English for “wich”  used to mean that salt-pits were located near a town or dwelling place.


Inside these other-worldly caves is the presence of path-preserving rock salt.

These dry barrens preserve the quality, keeping them in good nick till they are needed.

The question here is.


Is your business prepared for another heavy winter?

Councils across the UK are already stockpiling grit salt at the ready for if and when the temperature decides to drop.

Purchasing rock salt for your business to protects staff, visitors and employees from the danger of slips, trips and falls.


But before you buy rock salt, there’s two different types to choose from:

White rock salt

Melts ice and snow fast but leaves a clean, safe surface.

White rock salt offers a cleaner gritting solution; that leaves minimal residue whilst effectively tackling the ice.


Brown rock salt

Ideal for spreading around paths and pavement.

Brown rock salt contains large granules, it’s useful when spreading around the workplace because it is visible.

Now that you have an idea over the salt you want for the workplace, we’ll tell you how to avoid over-spending your budget this Winter.


How much rock salt do you need?

It’s estimated that you’ll need around 10-15 grams worth of rock salt per m2 (square metre).

Here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty maths of it all.

So, using our rock salt bags, which we sell as 23kg bags (to simplify it, that’s 23,000 grams).

Now, 1 bag is enough to cover between 1,533 and 2,300 square metres.

To put this into perspective.

For the best way to understand this, we’ll use a car park space.


The UK average car parking bay size is 24×4.8 metres.

This means the average car parking space is at least 11.5 m2.


What this means

One bag of 23kg rock salt will cover 14-20 car parking spaces over 10 days or 140-200 spaces all at once.
Keep this in mind as you use this reference point for the paths, walkways around your building.


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Or maybe you don’t want to deal with the dispensing of rock salt.

We offer a service that takes this right off your hands in a simple, automated format.

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