Basic hygiene practices and maintaining safe distances are both crucial to prevent the spread of viruses, so we now offer a range of bespoke mats to bring attention to this.

Remind staff and visitors to wash their hands or sanitise properly with our hygiene floor mats, suitable for a range of areas in all sorts of workplaces. Remember, simple messages like these can help to save lives.

Why Image Mats Work Better than Text Signs

Making Your Message Clear with Images

The human brain interprets visual content at an incredibly high speed – in fact, visuals can communicate information 60,000 times faster than text. So, by presenting your message with an image mat, you’re giving people information that their brains can process faster and with less effort, allowing the message to have much more impact.

Using a combination of words and pictures has been proven to be a more effective teaching tool than words alone. Our brains are hard-wired to interpret visual stimulus before words; this is a biological tendency, carried over from when humans would rely on upon visually seeing a threat or a potential meal in order to survive. Quickly interpreting what we see is a natural and automatic response.

Combining text with an image improves both the understanding and retention rate of the message, which is why visual content works well for businesses to communicate all sorts of things, even urgent matters.

Colour also plays a role in helping people remember a message. Scientists have observed improvements in memory recognition when study participants are presented with colour images vs. black-and-white images.

In a society of information overload, with messages everywhere you look, human brains have taken to reading less of the text around them and simply skimming word-based messages. Using images takes advantage of our ability to process huge quantities of visual content with ease.

The bottom line: image mats work better than simple text to communicate more information, and at a faster rate.

Practical Benefits of Mats

At the end of a day, a mat is a mat. Regardless of the message it presents, it still serves an important Health and Safety function.

Slips, trips and falls make up 41% of workplace injuries; business owners have a Duty of Care to ensure Health and Safety measures are in place to avoid these kinds of accidents.

Mats are a first line of defence against accidents around entrance ways or other hazardous areas. Efforts to create a safer environment benefit any type of business, so it’s worth protecting your workplace and investing in safe floorcare.

Personalised Mat Designs

During the COVID-19 crisis you can never have too many reminders to help people prevent contamination.

We’ll create mats for your business with messages and imagery specific to your needs, whether that’s encouraging people to wash their hands, sanitise their workstations or keep a safe distance.

Come to us for help and examples or provide us with your own ideas and images – either way we’ll create the perfect design for you.

Bespoke Laundering Service

If you buy a mat but leave it unserviced, you compromise its lasting condition. Having a reliable mat service lowers the danger of spillages and will help prevent harmful instances – not just around entrance and exit doors, but also in washrooms, kitchens, lifts and more.

By investing in a service, you ensure your floorcare is properly looked after and mats are always in good condition by professional standards.

Direct365 Mats

We don’t just provide affordable personalised mats, we can also keep them clean and pristine with our advanced laundering service, which removes all moisture, dirt and grit for an ultra-hygienic result.

Our specialists will replace and launder mats at a time to suit you, providing a hassle-free experience at a great price.

So what are you waiting for? Kit your workplace out with professional mats today, and make sure to keep them clean and laundered.

COVID-19 UPDATE: At Direct365, it’s business as usual! Our dedicated team are working hard from home so you can #StaySafe & get all the essential products & services we supply.

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