How to Install a Baby Changer

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Baby Changer Installation

How to Install a Baby Changer: Introduction

We have discussed what to include when it comes to baby changers as well as where they should go, but never the process of installing one and what comes in to doing it, until now. The installation of a baby changer isn’t a simple process and requires thought since areas where baby changers are often installed don’t have a lot of space.

Size Matters

Looking in the room where you wish to put in a baby changer, you have to consider a number of things. Firstly, look for somewhere that won’t protrude other areas of the room, such as the sinks or the toilets etc. Then you have to consider that there may be other people in the room at the same time. So not blocking movement around the room is also important.

This is where getting the right baby changer counts. As with anything, baby changers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All baby changers will have a minimum area that they cover so that it can be used sufficiently. However, the styling and fitting will vary, there are both horizontal and vertical types of baby changer. You should also make sure that any baby changer you choose is compliant with the current stands for baby changers.

Deciding which is best for you is easy, do you have more space on the wall horizontally or vertically to fit it. Research the dimensions to make sure that the baby changer you buy fits in the area you would like it to go.

One more thing to consider is making sure that there is enough room to use the baby changer for both right handed and left handed people. This is something that is often overlooked.

Nailed It

Once you have found the right baby changer then it will need to be fitted. It would be wise, and highly recommended, that you get a tradesman to fit the baby changer.  It may not seem that difficult to fit but given the area where it is being installed, things could easily go wrong.

Not all walls are suitable to drill in to and place a baby changer on to. Depending on the layout of the room, this could be a serious problem. An expert will be able to identify if the wall you wish to place the baby changer on to can actually have one on it. Walls may be made from different materials as some may not be original walls and were put up after the building.


Once the baby changer is fitted, make sure you test it by opening and closing the unit. This is to make sure that there is sufficient space to use it. The other thing to consider is what else should be included with baby changing facilities. Once everything is in place, the facilities are ready to be used.