It seems there’s a day for everything nowadays, but at Direct365 we believe that computer security is one of those worthy causes that rightly deserves its own designated day.

Why? Well, computer security can make or break a business, especially in light of current GDPR legislation, so it’s vital to make sure your company’s data security is up to scratch.

What is International Computer Security Day?

computer security

November 30th aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting data.

Campaigns like this are in place to remind businesses that computer resources must be kept secure to prevent data theft and the misuse of information.

Computer security concerns were recognised as far back as 1988, after the first ever case of malware brought to light the risks that threaten technology and the sensitive data it stores.

A day dedicated to computer security is just one of many crucial reminders to nudge individuals and businesses into good practices.

Why is Computer Security Important to Small Businesses?

data breach

Protecting data is only going to grow in importance – you just have to look at the evolution of The Data Protection Act into the updated General Data Protection Regulation to see the exponential advancement in technology systems and the way they store information.

Businesses have a Duty of Care to ensure that sensitive information, like customers’ and employees’ details, is dealt with in a GDPR-compliant manner. Think of a client’s information as your own – would you like your personal and financial details stored on an unprotected system with minimal security? No. So make sure your business leads by example.   

Data breaches can lead to the destruction of a company; failure to comply with the rules may result in fines (hefty ones!), tarnished reputations and even prosecution.

Protect Your Business, Stay Secure.

Having clear cybersecurity policies in place – like locking computers, using complex passwords and only allowing data access to those who need it – is a great way to avoid data breaches.

Data management is a crucial part of running a business, so all employees must be conscious when it comes to security – whether that’s for physical or digital data.

Along with keeping computers secure, make sure data on paper documents is protected by shredding anything you don’t need. Discover our different shredding services to find out which one suits your business.