Keep your gym safe – How to get a hold on 2018

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keep your gym safe

The most common new year’s resolution in the UK as of 2017 was to lose weight and improve fitness [YouGov]. But you already know that, right? After the Christmas season, memberships will shoot through the roof, with people looking to fulfil their resolutions.

The health and safety act (1974) works to ensure employers conduct proper health and risk assessments. Failure to acknowledge this has led to gyms facing severe fines. With the expected influx of new customers, here are some ways to keep ahead of 2018, and ensure your gym remains safe and compliant:


Keep an eye out on your water systems

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia. Put simply, It is a lung infection caused by inhaling small droplets of contaminated water.

Water fountains, air conditioning systems and even the humble hot and cold taps are all breeding grounds for a legionnaire’s outbreak. Conducting a water test to detect signs of legionella will help to keep you compliant, and most importantly ensure that your clients don’t get sick.


Check our blog on Legionnaire safety for more information!


Keep it sanitary

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states:

“Suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences and washing facilities should be provided at readily accessible places”


Noy only is it the law but, it’s important to have a sanitary facility in place for your female staff and clients. It’s the little details that matter – and ensuring the sanitary needs of customers & staff are taken care off in a discreet and hygienic manner will go a long way.


For further information on sanitary waste visit our site here


Work safety infographic

Keep all appliances well-maintained 

You wouldn’t neglect your gym equipment, and allow it to become dirty, faulty or rusty, so don’t do the same with your electronic appliances. Electrics can decay over time, which leads them to develop serious faults.

Not only can this leave you with unworkable or dysfunctional equipment, it also puts you at a much higher risk of fires or injury via electrical shocks. Everything from hairdryers and vacuums to the staff kettle & office computer. Ensure that you get your electrics pat tested.


We understand gyms are a place of health and wellbeing. Direct365 can help ease the workload on your business and let you get back to motivating your clients to a healthy 2018.

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