How clean is your dental chair?

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how clean is your dental chair

Legionella Dental Practice

Did you know there were 450 confirmed UK cases of Legionella in 2017?

It is debatable about the number of occurrences of Legionella within dental practices; many articles on the subject are from research articles. However, the likelihood of the disease spreading is possible. Biofilms can develop within the pipework of modern dental equipment; this can lead to legionella forming. Once this happens, the jet sprays into patients mouths could pass into the body, where tissue around the gums and mouth tear during treatment. This presents the risk of an outbreak.


Why should I have a Legionella risk assessment?

If your Dental Practice has 5 or more employees, then the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 states you must commission a Legionella risk assessment of your water systems. Additionally, the CQC advise on their visits that once a year is the most appropriate for testing.

Since April 2015, the CQC have adapted their approach to inspecting dental services. Inspections are now carried out by specially trained dental inspectors, usually accompanied by specialist advisors who are qualified dentists or dental care professionals.

These updates were brought it to ensure that practices are conducting themselves in a safe and effective manner. While the majority of dental practices met the standards set out by the CQC; seven out of the thirty-six inspected failed to meet the required standards.


Who can carry out legionella testing for my dental practice?

While the number of known cases is limited, for the health and safety of your staff and patients and the requirements of the CQC, it is essential to conduct a legionella risk assessment in your practice.

At Direct365, our assessments are more effective than conventional dip testing, with laboratory testing we can analyse any signs of Legionella within your dental practice. All assessments are overseen by our LCA trained staff who are compliant with the dental health code HTM 05-01.

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legionella dental practice