Lets Create a Nation of Lifesavers

by Laurence Kellett in Defibrillator Articles | posted:


We’re very vocal when it comes to the importance of defibrillators, from equipping them in sports centres, their role in the future, interesting places they should be implemented and how they should be equipped in every school.

The dangers of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, along with the importance of Defibrillators is something we believe everyone should be educated about and taught, whether that be in workplace health and safety briefings, or in the classroom from a younger age.

A sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere… anytime. Fat, thin, tall, small, out and about or indoors; nobody is safe. Portable Defibrillators are cropping up left, right and centre, as people clock on to the easy to use, portable, life-saving pieces of kit. The British Heart Foundation recently launched a petition to help get CPR taught in UK Schools, to create just that – a nation of life savers who know about and able to act in the event of a life threatening Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Here is what they had to say on their website:

“We want to ensure that all young people leave school knowing how to save a life. Currently we estimate that only one in seven young people in secondary education receive the training that could help them save a life.

Teaching CPR and public access defibrillator (PAD) awareness at school is an excellent way of dramatically increasing the number of people equipped with the skills and confidence to step in and help in an emergency.

Help us create a Nation of Lifesavers

We believe all young people should leave school knowing how to save a life. We want every child across the UK to become part of a Nation of Lifesavers by being taught CPR and public access defibrillator (PAD) awareness at secondary school.”