Rejuvenate your restroom with these must-have products you can’t afford to overlook.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your washroom says a lot about your business. That goes for all businesses, from small cafés to large offices. So why are there still so many appalling washrooms out there?

Whether it’s running out of toilet paper or having nowhere to change the little one, we experience frustrating washrooms far too often.

You tend to remember a good washroom because it’ll have things you didn’t expect it to have, be it fancy decoration or extra facilities. It’s great to pack the wow-factor, but some things shouldn’t be considered as an extra commodity – they should be seen as a necessity.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 necessary facilities you might be overlooking when it comes to your washrooms.

          1. Baby Changer

If you have customers, then you should have a baby changer

A lot of companies put their baby changers in disabled toilets, primarily due to space restraints in the standard washrooms. If there’s room for it to be safely situated, you should aim to put a changing table in all washrooms: disabled, female AND male.

Don’t fall into the gender bias trap and neglect male washroom needs. Fathers need to change their babies too, so let your washrooms reflect your business’s willingness to cater to all customers.

          2. Dispensers

A simple but often taken for granted feature of washrooms are soap, tissue and towel dispensers.

Ever been in a public washroom with loose toilet rolls, bars of soap and stacks of paper towels? It doesn’t exactly scream sanitary. A more hygienic way of providing these things is through dispensers. Dispensers are easy to use and will display your business as a clean and professional place, rather than some free for all.

          3. Hand Dryer

Bring your washroom into this century. If you’re a business ignoring the call for a hand dryer, then ignore no more!

You don’t have to get bogged down in the Hand Dryer vs. Paper Towels dispute – the simple fact is that you can lower your paper towel spends by investing in a hygienic alternative, and make your washroom look good at the same time. Customers enjoy contemporary and stylish facilities, so a hand dryer will do wonders for modernising your image and allow you to boast green initiatives.

direct365 hand dryers

          4. Sanitary Bins

Business owners must adhere to sanitary waste disposal regulations, so providing a sanitary bin is a legal requirement. If you weren’t aware of this, you need to make sure you provide sanitary bins for the clean and safe disposal of offensive washroom waste.

Again, gender assumptions come into play here. Don’t rule out providing hygiene bins in male toilets, both due to incontinence issues and transgender inclusion. Be the change.

          5. Disability Features

Is your disabled toilet equipped enough? Do you even have a disabled toilet? It’s good policy to provide washrooms accessible to all, and even better to make sure they’re sufficient. Provide grab bars and support seats wherever you can.

If your building permits it, go the extra mile and provide a Changing Places toilet with a changing bench and hoist for those who need it.

          6. Vending Machine

Deliver the complete hygiene service with multi-product vending machines. Sanitary products and nappies are the most essential thing to provide for washroom users, but you can also stock contraceptive products and popular retail packs (think tablets, mints, tights, toothbrush kits, first aid – even skincare and haircare supplies!).

Providing customers with these things creates a positive and convenient experience – they’ll view your business as a place that considers their needs.

          7. Air Freshener

No one likes a smelly washroom. There’s no excuse for your washroom to make your customers grimace the second they walk in, not when there are so many air care options available for you to keep the atmosphere fresh and pleasant. Find a signature fragrance for your washroom and avoid those hold-your-nose moments – it’ll do your reputation wonders.

direct365 air care

So, those are the washroom must-haves. But what about the nice-to-haves?

Remember, the little things make all the difference. Get the right refills at the right times; don’t run out of toilet tissue or soap, your customers will not thank you for it! And make sure you choose suitable refills to reflect your business. Want to appear luxurious? Go for 2 or 3 ply tissue and moisturising soap.

To really stand out, provide customer care treats. Hand lotions beside the soap, antibacterial spray in the cubicles and baby changing kits with wipes, talc and creams – these are the things that’ll wow your visitors.


If your washroom is missing most or all of these, then you need to rethink your provisions.

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