4 reasons to have a Business Doormat

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Commercial door mats

Since the dawn of the business world, two particular symbols symbolise the triumph of a company.  No, not Rolexes, hiring private charter jets or a verified Twitter profile.   Simply. Your own building, and a welcoming entrance mat. Everything else can come later.   Follow on to hear the four reasons why an entrance mat […]

Asbestos School Survey

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asbestos school survey banner

  Asbestos is a well-documented danger. The threat it poses to school buildings is colossal. Research by the BBC found over half of the schools in the North West contain asbestos. Ask yourself this. How do you prepare the bright minds of the future if they are to be cut down by dangers of the […]

Why hire a skip?

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skip hire rental

Skip Hire Rental: Direct365 If you’re planning a massive clearout or in charge of a construction project, a skip will come in plenty handy when dealing with the bric-a-brac collected and in dire need of disposal. As a business owner here’s what you’ll need to know before hiring a skip, and what we can do […]

Glue Boards

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glue boards

Are Glue boards illegal? Animal welfare campaigners believe these devices are cruel and inhumane, leaving mice and rats trapped to their death. Supporting this impression, 68% of the public would support a UK ban. New Zealand and Ireland have already led this change by banning them altogether. While it seems fair to acknowledge the cruelty […]

Fly Zappers

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best fly zappers

No-one enjoys flies buzzing around. The pests flit around your face, ruin food and cause general distress. One community in Llanelli has faced “biblical” amounts of flies. The cause of this catastrophe?   It’s said to be because of the poor pest control management of a local scrap metal site. Leading droves and droves to […]

Mosquito Pest Control

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mosquito pest control

Did you know mosquitoes kill more people in one day than sharks killed over the last 100 years?   The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) says the recent spate of wet weather, coupled with a rise in the temperatures provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes to flourish. Mosquitoes need out blood proteins so they can […]

Stealing From the Hearts of the Nation: AED Theft

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aed theft

How to Prevent AED Theft Every week there are reports of missing or damaged Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), and the problem is only getting worse. AEDs are public medical devices designed for immediate first aid to sufferers on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SDA) – for more information on AEDs, check out our FAQ article here. Basically, […]

Defibrillator Batteries: Lifespan

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how long do defibrillator batteries last

How long do defibrillator batteries last?   Each year in Britain around 30,000 people fall victim to sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital environment. In the event of an emergency, defibrillators act as the first responder to the scene. Nothing lasts forever and with the importance of life-saving devices; you’ll need the right parts […]

Library Fire Safety

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library fire safety

What is one thing you can lose, never get back, or ever find again?   From the lost work of Nikola Tesla to the library of Alexandria.  A whole wealth of human knowledge lost forever. In the case of fire, there’s a wealth of history lost to the flame. As preservers of education and the […]