Will Chatbots Replace Classic Customer Service?

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Technology has certainly come a long way in the last century. Ever since the creation of telephones, enabling long-distance communication; businesses have seen newer outreaches to provide customer service through the application of social media, live-chat and chatbots. You’ll find the twang of robotic speech come from a variety of avenues, your bank’s options menu […]

Legionella Regulations 2019: The New Water Quality Standards

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legionella regulations

Legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaires’ disease which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Outbreaks of the illness occur when Legionella bacteria grow in artificial water systems at a temperature high enough to encourage growth. With the growing number of water coolers, air conditioning systems in UK business buildings, outbreaks could happen at a moments […]

Choosing Chefwear: From Top to Bottoms

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The signature outfit worn by chefs worldwide is rich in both history and culture. Everyone who dons the clothing should be proud that the age-old profession is just as strong if not more than it’s ever been, with tv shows, booming business and countless cookbooks adorning the shelves of the common public. Chef outfits that […]

Seasonal Pests (Spring Season): Grey Squirrels

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spring pest control

It’s spring which means a whole lot of critters have emerged from the cold hive of winter and are setting their hungry eyes on your business. In particular, squirrels have finished hibernation, and in doing so, these fluffy furry pests will begin causing quite the nuisance. There are two species of squirrel in the UK […]

Urinal Mats: Tackle The Pee Problem

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Everyone has a public toilet nightmare story. From minor lack of soap grievances to full blown broken urinals caked in a crusty smell of latent urinary ammonia; in situations like these you can always cut and run somewhere else before said bladder explodes. Workplace toilets are a completely different story. Research suggests that over a […]

End Of Financial Year Clearout

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end of financial year

For companies; end of financial year is a time to reflect, celebrate and plan out for the following year. Ending this April 1st, 2019 and starting again until April 30th, 2020. This refresh presents the perfect opportunity to get rid of any unnecessary clutter building up around the office.   What Would I Need Shredding […]

Waste Fines. Who To Trust?

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waste management

Be aware of who you trust with disposing of your waste. It’s become more of a trend nowadays for social adverts on Facebook to claim low prices for taking away your unwanted rubbish build up. Trust can backfire if you put faith in unreputable sources, for one man in Wolverhampton, he has to pay costs […]

Fragile Feet: Personal Protection Footwear

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personal protection footwear

People can go through their entire lives without even facing a sprain. When it comes to the unlucky majority, fractures happen for a myriad of reasons. Your feet are common victims to breaks; about every one of ten broken bones occur in the foot. The most common reason for a broken bone is by applying […]

Grease Fire Prevention Done Well

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kitchen grease fire

One minute you’re running the day-to-day operations of your fast food operation. The next minute your kitchens up in flames. How did it get to this point? In this guide, we’ll teach the dangers of kitchen fires and how to prevent them from possibly ruining your business.   Grease Fires In The Kitchen Grease fires […]