Let’s Stop Single-Use. Instead Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Single-Use. A term referring to products, often made of plastic that is used once then thrown away. The compilers at Collins Dictionary have announced it as the word of 2018. Coverage by the BBC program Planet Earth has shone a light on the understated understanding of environmental awareness. It’s fair to say that these throwaway […]

How To Dispose Of Tattoo Needles

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So you’ve got your studio set up and contacted the local council to get a tattoo, piercing and electrolysis licence.  Tattoo artists are required to have the license, with it being set up on display in your shop. This proves you’ve had all the equipment checked over, and have the right training. As a business […]

Watchdog: The Fight Against Fly Tipping

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The dumping of illegal waste unfortunately still happens, scouring the UK Greenland and the backstreets of Britain. Unsuspecting business owners foot the bill, inadvertently paying good money only to be prosecuted alongside the criminals for these nefarious activities. Thankfully, more and more news coverage from broadcasters such as the BBC has shone a spotlight on […]

Common Workplace Accidents

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Workplace Accidents

Slipping on banana peels have been a standard comedy staple since the days of Chaplin; yet slips, falls and trips are no laughing matter in the workplace. Luckily the UK has categorically had one of the lowest rates of fatal injury across the EU, thanks to stringent industry standards and regulations set upon employers for […]

Gritting and Snow Clearance

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Snow Removal

How did you manage with the snow last year? Last winter was something else. The beast from the east wreaked havoc across the country, cutting off important services and temporarily closing down many businesses during it’s brutal period. To avoid leaving our customers in the dark, we persevered. But it left us with a question. […]

Music License Regulations

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music license regulations

Small businesses go through a ridiculous amount of red tape. The majority makes sense, you can understand why employee safety should be a priority. On the other hand, dubious parking charges may as well take a long walk off a short pier.   Take for instance the following scenario.   You’re cutting hair. You’re looking […]

Fab Little Tampon Disposal

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Stop. Don’t do it. Tampons aren’t for toilets.   Before you go thinking no harm done, follow us on a wild ride to get down to the proverbial bottom of things. Why are people flushing instead of sticking it in a bin?   As a male content writer, I delved deep into my feminine side […]

The Different Types Of Clinical Waste Disposal

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Managing waste and dealing with all the laws and regulations is a tough business. Ever since the 2005 hazardous waste regulations became law, all clinical waste disposal must be disposed of in the interest of environmental and public health. As a leading waste management provider, we offer over 20 different waste disposal options. Our clinical […]

Top 10: Express yourself with a logo mat

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Considering a logo mat for your business? Before you go thinking they’re just for show and a useless expense, take a look at the following ten examples. You might just change your mind!   Skip scrolling, click to find one! Functional: No Smoking Nifty: Make A Pattern Stylish: Feature Compass Eye-Opening – Colourful Exchange Educational […]