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Be Prepared – How to Save Your Business from Fines

be prepared

September is “Preparedness Month”, so we’re offering preparedness tips and tricks for UK SMEs to maintain a safe, compliant and convenient workplace. You know all those things you forget about until it’s too late – like niggly electrical safety issues or facility concerns? Well, here’s a checklist for you, so you can ensure that your […]

Schools – How to Maintain a Safe Return

schools safe return

Schools’ decision-makers have a weight on their shoulders now that students have been welcomed back. Every school is different, so it can be difficult to issue across-the-board advice. The safety measures in place should consider the local situation, as well as the school’s ability to maintain certain hygiene practices and physical distancing. That being said, […]

Pest Control: What are Your Options?

pest control

As much as we’d love to embrace wildlife, pest problems are a fact of life. From restaurant districts to rental properties, many businesses simply can’t function with infestations. In this article, we look into different types of “pests” and delve into the ways they can be managed, allowing you to make an informed decision on […]

Pandemic Response for UK Businesses in 2020


Direct365 Lockdown Response Since the pandemic crisis, we’ve been on emergency response to help customers, old and new. In the first instance, this involved halting regular services for businesses that had to close or migrate to home working, introducing new services like domestic shredding and commercial cleaning, and stocking enough of the well-sought-after emergency supplies, […]

Hand Hygiene in 2020: Washing vs. Sanitising

hand hygiene

Hand hygiene has been a huge part of the global response to COVID-19. While there are no figures for the direct contribution of hand hygiene to the spread of the pandemic, data strongly advocates both handwashing and alcohol-based rubs (hand sanitisers) to help prevent the spread of pathogens and infections. Soap or Sanitiser: Which is […]

SCA & Business Responsibility in 2020


What is SCA? People often confuse Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCAs) with heart attacks. A heart attack occurs when circulation issues block blood flow to the heart, whereas SCA occurs when the heart malfunctions and stops beating unexpectedly. So, a heart attack can be seen as somewhat of a “plumbing problem”, while SCA is more like […]

Workplace Return: 6 Easy Steps to Stay Safe & Compliant


Amidst the COVID-19 panic, when workplaces were told to work from home, many companies up and ran from their premises. So, now that it’s time to go back, have you ensured that the workplace is suitable to return to? Issues like cleanliness, distancing and sufficient supplies and services all need to be addressed before you […]

Our COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Plan


About Direct365 & Our Risk Mitigation Plan The risks associated with the COVID-19 viral infection are significant and have led to changes in how we operate and deliver our services. At Direct365, we’ve continued to deliver most of our services during the pandemic response and have reacted quickly to all changes in Government guidance and […]

The Benefits of Recycling Commercial Waste


Recycling business waste is considered as good for both the environment and the economy – but why? Do You Understand the Reasons Behind Recycling’s Good Reputation? Getting to grips with the real benefits of this type of Waste Management will help your business to commit to recycling habits. Once you have the right justification, it […]