Disposing of Sharps: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Business Compliant

by Melissa McNamara in Waste Disposal, Waste Management | posted:

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Waste Management can seem like a whirlwind of regulations, especially if you’re a new business owner or if you face changes in your waste disposal needs. Don’t panic! Free yourself from stressing over what to do with waste by following our straightforward guide on sharps disposal. Let’s begin with the basics… What are sharps? “Sharps” […]

Landlord’s To Do List: Legionella and Your Legal Obligations

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Legionella and Landlord responsibilities Legionella is classed as a “hazardous biological agent”: it’s a bacteria found in water, and contamination can lead to Legionnaires’ disease, which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Regular testing is the best preventative measure for an outbreak. Legionella can contaminate domestic hot and cold water systems, so temperature checks […]

Research by parents reveals inadequate baby changing facilities

by Michael Addison in baby changing facilities, Washrooms & Hygiene | posted:

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Research from Direct365, a leading online provider of essential workplace products and services, has revealed the top five products parents expect to find in public baby changing facilities. Working with parents across the UK, the research also found that some outlets are failing to meet even a minimum standard expected by parents, and this would […]

World Water Day 2018 – Saving the world, one drop at a time

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World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. This year’s campaign is called ‘The answer is in nature’ and raises awareness of Nature Based Solutions (NBS). When you think about saving the planet, terminology like “Nature-based solutions” or NBS is likely to spring the activist out […]

69% of the UK Do Not Trust Businesses with their Personal Information

by Laurence Kellett in Data Protection | posted:

Sharing personal information with a company or organisation is often a vital and necessary part of doing business, or indeed functioning in modern society. But your credit card details, address, telephone number or communication details, all of which are considered personal, can be damaging in the wrong hands. Despite the need for sharing this information, […]

An empty toy story – What retail can learn from the Toys R Us Closure

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28th February 2018. Forlorn UK shoppers will remember this as the day retail outlet Toys R Us went into administration. As crowds of people cry out why this happened, online opinions seem to come to a similar consensus. Levelled complaints against online retailers and the changing preference in today’s society. But, is this the real reason […]