Pigeon Bird Control

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pigeon pests

So, what do people think of pigeons? In an old independent article from the 90’s, feelings were made pretty clear. Then there are people with a more “hands-on approach”.Unfortunately, pigeons will always be a pest, it’s not a species that can be so easily culled. The UK isn’t going to run a Four Pests campaign […]

Credit Apathy for UK SME

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credit apathy

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce suggested that over half of UK businesses have not attempted to apply for finance over the past year. With the bulk of companies interviewed looking to invest in critical areas such as IT and data securities, staff training and marketing and advertising. What’s the reason to hesitate when […]

Urinal Cleaning Products

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urinal cleaning products

It’s a given notion that the public toilet is the dirtiest area of a washroom. Slathering copious amounts of toilet roll around the seat to protect from believed germs and bacteria.   Well, the surprise is, you’re more than likely going to catch an infection from the faecal matter particles hidden on the door handle […]

Top Ten UK Summer Pests

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UK Pests

The summer sun is an invigorating addition to what we’re used to. Although, as you enjoy the turn in the weather so do common pests. Many bugs exist all the way through the year while others find the summertime as a hunting ground.   Coming out of hibernation to strike havoc among the populace. Well, […]

Sanitary Bins

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sanitary bins

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that men and women should have suitable sanitary conveniences in the washroom. Sanitary bins cover the hygienic requirements of babies, women and the infirm all in one unit.   Sanitary and waste Why bother with a bin when you can flush it all down the toilet? […]

Commercial Hair Dryers UK

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commercial hair dryers uk

Are you in the market for a new hairdryer for your business? Let us share some insight into the range of hair dryers Direct365 have to offer. Wall mounted hair dryer Valera Professional Hair Dryer With Fitted Plug The Valera hair dryer is a great choice for salon owners. With three air temperature settings, two […]

Defibrillators: Commonly Asked Questions

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What is a defibrillator and how do I use one?   Defibrillators save lives by giving a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall when someone is in cardiac arrest. They are called defibrillators because atrial fibrillation is the medical term for an irregular or abnormally fast heartbeat: the cause of […]

UK PAT Testing

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uk pat testing

What is PAT testing, what’s the law and how often is it needed? PAT (portable appliance testing) means conducting routine safety checks on electrical appliances; this is especially important in commercial premises. Pat tests ensure that everyone from employees to customers isn’t at risk of any injury. Visual examination is an essential part of the […]

Rats in the UK

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Business Pest Control uk

Changes in the waste collection have seen an increase in rat sightings across the UK. If left to their own devices one pair can breed 2,000 rats within one year. Like some Maslovian nightmare, rats only need food water and shelter before they begin making a problem. But, we’ve got cats to take care of […]