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Our Top 7 Construction Site Safety Tips

Safety is the single most important part of operating a construction site. While the project itself is the reason you’re there, without the correct safety precautions in place you’ll be lucky to last very long at all. It should be one of your primary concerns to keep your workers and the general public as safe […]

What to Consider when Servicing Your Defibrillator

blog title image for what to consider when servicing your defibrillator

Over the last decade or two defibrillators have become more commonplace across towns and cities within the U.K. Small pieces of kit that enable the user to shock the patients’ heart back to health, defibrillators are lifesaving and still not as frequently found as they should be. Campaigns from such organisations as the Oliver King […]

What are the Side Effects of Defibrillator Shocks?

what are the side effects of defibrillator shocks blog title image

Defibrillators are brilliant machines with the potential to save lives and minimise after-effects of having a cardiac arrest. The defibrillators we’re talking about – automated electronic defibrillators, or AEDs – will be the most familiar to you. These medical devices have grown in popularity and accessibility across the last decade. This is due to campaigns […]

A Sector by Sector Guide to Buying a Spill Kit

sector guide to buying a spill kit blog title image on a background of oil drums

Spills around the workplace have the potential to be dangerous to workers, unsafe for customers and costly to your business. Regardless of the financial cost if someone is unduly injured on your property, the reputational cost too could be enough to damage your business for life. There are also regulations that you need to adhere […]

Your Simple Guide to Absorbent and Spill Control

guide to absorbent and spill control blog title image on background of lab testing

Being properly prepared for spills increases in importance depending on the industry and environment you are in. While some liquids and environments are low risk, when dealing with materials such as chemicals and oils. Our range of absorbent and spill control products allows you to properly plan for a spill emergency. There are a number […]

Why Handwashing is Important Post-COVID.

Blog title over a close-up image of someone washing their hands.

Handwashing has always been important, but the idea that people should focus on it to stay well seems to have become more key during the pandemic. Sure, there’s been an increase in sanitising, but the concentration on washing hands after most interactions and trips outside the house is new. And in terms of the workplace […]

Top 10 Procedures and Practices of Nursery Hygiene

Blog title on a colourful nursery background.

Nurseries can be a hot bed of bugs and sickness. Children, as they should, muck about, play and man-handle anything and everything in their pursuit of making friends and acting their age. While this is all fun and games for the children, it leaves their minders and staff struggling to ensure they are keeping the […]