Changes in the waste collection have seen an increase in rat sightings across the UK. If left to their own devices one pair can breed 2,000 rats within one year. Like some Maslovian nightmare, rats only need food water and shelter before they begin making a problem.

But, we’ve got cats to take care of them, right?


Cats aren’t the answer to pest control. While they can expose a rat problem, there are other factors that will keep them coming back. Like in the video, not all cats are nature’s killing machines and the rate that they reproduce means there’s always one coming round the corner.


So, no cats. How about supermarket rat poison?

Rat attacks

Rats in the UK

Shop bought remedies are proving ineffective. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) claim rodents nowadays are resistant to conventional poisons. Warfarin was a popular rat poison used to purge these blights, but, from a series of natural mutations over the years, they have become resistant to the effects of this poison. Simply put, what worked before doesn’t work now.


As the famed plague-carriers of old sweep back into modern existence. Rats never really went away, to begin with, but does society realise the danger they pose?


If you’re readers of one particular paper the answer is quite surprising…

But for many residents and owners, these rodents are a menace.



Rats can cause many problems such as food contamination, electrical issues (biting through cables) and more importantly, health risks.


Rats can directly transmit the following diseases:

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome- viral disease contracted by either inhaling or being in direct contact with rat urine/droppings and being bitten.

Leptospirosis: Contact through the skin with water or soil contaminated from rat urine..

Salmonellosis: Rat faeces in food or water.


As a business what are your duties when it comes to pest control?


Business Pest Control Requirements

Failure to comply has severe consequences. New sentencing guidelines mean breaches in food safety, calculated over the rate of a company’s total profit. The severity of this led to one supermarket facing a fine of £700,000 after an infestation inside its in-house bakery.

But no fear, here is where we come in.


sniffer dogs pest control

Direct365 Pest Control Service

Our pest control service has 400+ experienced staff nationwide. In the case of mice, the sniffer dogs we use are 99% effective in hunting down the nests. An average person would only be able to find a 1/3rd of the total population. We act on prevention; this comes with inspecting and proofing your building to negate the pests entering your property.

Rats will no longer call your building “home”.


With 45 years of experience in the world of UK pest control, we’ve got the right tools for the job. When you call us out, 95% we have something ready to control the problem.


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