What makes a family-friendly restaurant “family-friendly”?

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Do restaurants have to provide baby changing facilities?

This began in the early twentieth century as a result of new social and economic trends. Family-friendly has always been about putting families first by creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Question; Do you as a restaurant have to provide a baby-changing facility?

By law, no.

Can you then consider yourselves family friendly?


Some parents use these facilities until their children reached three years old, making these facilities more use to you than you think. For many families, a meal out is a special event. Given this, the absence of a baby-changing facility would ruin that night out.

Don’t believe us?

Here are testimonials from some young parents.

It’s not as if having a baby changer would be ignored. Three out of the top five family-friendly restaurants in Manchester all have one.


Society has changed somewhat, with parents taking younger and younger children with them to dinner. Like with the beginnings of family-friendly restaurants, you can sell to parents through their children with a baby changing facility.

So what would be the best choice for your restaurant?


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