How to Dispose of Salon Waste

Do You Need Specialist Bins?

Yes, you do. You can recognise these easily because regulation sharps bins are yellow with different coloured lids to highlight the type of sharps waste (determined by what it’s been used for and how it could be contaminated). These bins are puncture-proof with sealed lids to ensure the utmost safety. 

Sharps bins are typically needed in a Salon for various beauty utensils. You also require offensive waste bins for a range of used materials that you might have in your salon. Sanitary bins are necessary for washrooms, finally if you use any sort of medication for treatments, these will need a specific pharmaceuticals bin.

As mentioned before, it is crucial to keep these clinical waste types separate so that they can be disposed of properly and safely. See our Commercial Waste Collections & Waste Disposal page, or call using the button below.


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Why Is Waste Management Important in a Salon?

Waste management is important in any setting. Salons are used to dealing with many types of waste, from sharps, bodily, general rubbish and more. Disposing of these correctly is crucial to running a clean and hygienic salon.

While waste management is something you will want to do, it is also the law.. The Government has passed numerous laws that cover many businesses, including salons. These are:

What Are The Two Types of Salon Waste?

At Direct365, our waste experts have found that Salon waste usually falls into two main categories: clinical and general. Below are examples of general and clinical waste.

What is clinical waste?

Clinical waste is waste from healthcare settings and similar organisations. It includes:

  • Wax strips
  • Pads
  • Cotton buds
  • Items potentially containing bodily fluids.

What is general salon waste

This is waste that can’t be recycled but isn’t hazardous or dangerous. This includes:

  • Non-recyclable food wrapping
  • Clothes hangers
  • Uncontaminated tissues
  • Lightbulbs
Picture of a beauty salon.

What are the Risks Associated with Incorrect Waste Management in a Salon?

There are a number of risks to understand with incorrect waste management in a salon. For a start, there is the risk of contamination of infectious diseases. You must follow the correct processes because it can be dangerous to customers and staff, who could become unwell.

Other examples of health risks are spillages. Not only are they dangerous on surfaces, but could also be dangerous for injection. Especially if you provide customers with drinks or small children with sweets.

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Do You Need General Waste Bins Too?

The short answer is yes, your general waste should be placed in a black bin. The size of the bin is dependent on how much waste you accumulate on a daily and weekly basis.

At Direct365, we have various sizes of bins available, from 240-litre capacity bins (these fit in around 3-5 full bin bags) to 1100 litre (15-20 bin bags).

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