How to Dispose of Different Types of Salon Waste

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The Two Main Types of Salon Waste

Apart from the upkeep and maintenance of your salon, a common query is what waste goes where. We have found these to be the two major kinds of salon waste.


Contaminated waste

For clinical waste, look at items such as wax strips, pads, cotton wool buds, and others used for treatments, like electrolysis and microdermabrasion. These all have to be kept separate and in individual bins. No throwing needles and cotton buds together.

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General Waste

General waste is perhaps the most common type of waste. For salons, this could include everything from clients hair, used tissues or broken coat hangers. Make sure to not overfill your bin as this could be dangerous for the people who collect it.

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How to dispose of salon waste



Contaminated waste bins

For Sharps Waste and Clinical Waste, these bins are yellow with different coloured lids to highlight the type of Clinical/Sharps waste. There are also anatomical Waste bins which have an orange lid and Medicinal Waste bins, a blue lid. The bins you generally would need for a salon are the sharps and clinical waste bin. As mentioned before, they would both need to go in separate bins, your sharps in one and clinical in the other.

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General waste bins

For this type of waste, they should be placed in a black bin. The size of the bin is dependent on how much waste is usually accumulated. At direct365 we have various sizes of bins available, from 240-litre capacity bins (these fit in around 3-5 full bin bags) to 1100 litre (15-20 bin bags).

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Whilst these are the two main types of waste, there are other services to take into consideration.

Have you thought about fire safety procedures or had your electrical appliances pat tested?


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