What Are The Two Types of Salon Waste?

A common question Salon owners have is: “what waste goes where?”. At Direct365, our waste experts have found that Salon waste usually falls into two main categories: clinical and general.

What is Clinical Salon Waste?

Clinical waste includes items such as wax strips, pads, cotton wool buds, and others tools used for treatments, like electrolysis and microdermabrasion.

Clinical waste splits into subcategories, including hazardous waste (like sharps), offensive waste (items potentially contaminated in bodily fluids) and pharmaceutical waste.

These waste products have to be kept separate and in individual bins. No throwing needles and cotton buds together. Remember, contaminated or potentially harmful wastes fall under strict disposal regulations

What is General Salon Waste?

General waste is what is says on the tin. If it doesn’t fit into any other type of Waste Management (like clinical waste, shredding, bulky waste, washroom waste or recycling), then it’s “general” and good for the standard bin

For salons, this could include anything from clients’ hair to random rubbish like uncontaminated tissues or broken coat hangers.

Just make sure to not overfill your bin, as this could be dangerous for the people who collect it.

How to Dispose of Salon Waste

Do You Need Specialist Salon Waste Bins?

Regulation sharps bins are yellow with different coloured lids to highlight the type of sharps waste (determined by what it’s been used for and how it could be contaminated). These bins are puncture-proof with sealed lids to ensure the utmost safety. 

Sharps bins are typically needed in a Salon for various beauty utensils. Offensive waste bins are also required for a range of used materials. Sanitary bins are necessary for washrooms, and finally if any sort of medication is used for any treatments, these will need a specific pharmaceuticals bin.

As mentioned before, it is crucial to keep these clinical waste types separate so that they can be disposed of properly and safely. 

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Do You Need General Waste Bins?

General waste should be placed in a black bin. The size of the bin is dependent on how much waste is usually accumulated in the Salon.

At Direct365, we have various sizes of bins available, from 240-litre capacity bins (these fit in around 3-5 full bin bags) to 1100 litre (15-20 bin bags).

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Discover More

Whilst these are the two main types of waste a Salon needs to manage, there are other services to take into consideration. The benefits of recycling are often overlooked, but there’s no doubt that a comprehensive recycling service can do wonders for your business.

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