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The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that men and women should have suitable sanitary conveniences in the washroom. Sanitary bins cover the hygienic requirements of babies, women and the infirm all in one unit.


Sanitary and waste

Why bother with a bin when you can flush it all down the toilet?

Well, that attitude leads to monstrosities like the revolting “fatbergs”.

The Water Industries act 1991 stipulated that you shouldn’t flush sanitary waste as it both damages the plumbing system, and leads to the aforementioned sewer clogs.


Are sanitary bins hazardous waste?

Even though through negligence sanitary waste can harm the environment, it isn’t hazardous waste. Sanitary waste like nappies, incontinence pads and feminine hygiene is an offensive waste. More bluntly, this includes faeces, urine and vomit.


It’s covered in the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 as anything that’s unpleasant or would cause offence. The difference being that unlike offensive waste, hazardous waste presents an actual threat to people’s health.


How to use / how do sanitary bins work

Sanitary bins have a foot pedal function to give ease of use. Before placing one in the washroom, you’ll need to ensure that the bin casing is suitably lined with a hygiene bag.


If you are purchasing the bins yourself then to comply with the law’s disposal regulations, you’ll need the right clinical waste bin. The costs can ramp up if you’re not careful.


Where to buy sanitary bins

As a leading waste provider, we offer a complete sanitary waste disposal service. We take the discreet task collecting and disposing of your waste with reliable collections to suit you. Additionally, we will provide fresh bins after every visit, avoiding any lingering odours in the washroom.


Although, if you are singularly looking to complete this task yourself, our supplies page offers a bevy assortment of the best tried and tested sanitary bins around.


Take your time to decide a sanitary solution that will suit your business.

Make the choice that best suits you.


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