Sanitation is important, especially in the workplace

When you think of Health and Safety, you may think of complex regulations to do with Fire Risk Assessments, Employee Training or Electrical Safety, but it’s vital to not overlook simple hygiene.

Proper cleanliness is growing in significance, especially in places with lots of people, so businesses in the vast range of working environments must always be vigilant.

Sanitising Wipes

A quick and easy way to sanitise workplaces is with sanitising wipes.

Our range of wipes are split into categories suitable for:

We have options for every kind of workplace, including alcohol-free and fragrance-free choices.

Sanitising Liquids & Soaps

Hand sanitiser is a perfect way to instantly kill bacteria.

Businesses should encourage all employees to use sanitiser by making it accessible all around the workplace. Check out our sanitiser range here for options suitable for desktops, dispensers or handy travel bottles.

Don’t forget about keeping on top of your soap supply either! Washrooms and kitchens should never be short of soap to help keep the place hygienic. For soap dispenser refills or induvial bottles of handwash, browse our soap range here.

We even supply toilet sanitiser, because we all know that pesky bacteria can linger anywhere.


Sanitation can be counterproductive when people need to access soaps or tissues with unclean hands.

Dispensers of all kinds are a hygienic solution to ensure products can be accessed in the cleanest way possible.

Our range includes:

Protective Wear

In particularly hazardous environments, proactive wear is a good way to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Our various packs of disposable aprons and gloves help workers in a range of environments to remain as hygienic as possible.

We also have popular face masks in our protective wear range, including a pack of 5 valved respirators or a pack of 20 classic masks.

Hygiene & Couch Rolls

Hygiene rolls are often used in healthcare businesses, but also places like beauticians, groomers and nursing homes.

These disposable rolls are a great way to keep furniture and equipment clean. Our range even includes hygiene roll dispensers.

Cleaning & Janitorial Products

Sometimes, a workplace can only achieve proper cleanliness with a deep clean. Bacteria can hide anywhere and everywhere, so it’s a good idea to stay stocked up on cleaning and janitorial supplies – which can be used regularly, or as part of a deep cleaning project.  

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