The mandatory national curriculum requires teachers to instruct children about recycling.  The government want children to learn how the ”Earth is a source of limited resources and the efficacy of recycling”. Now, you know better than anyone teaching the future of tomorrow isn’t an easy task.

Follow us on a brief journey to how you can transform the classroom (and playground) into an eco-friendly wonderland.

With the help of these eight great tips!


Recycling For Kids

1. Get Straight To The Facts

Start strong with these sobering waste facts:

  • The average UK family with children throws away £800 worth of food a year, that’s £70 a month.
  • In the space of a year, the amount of plastic produced is near enough the same as the entire weight of everyone on earth.
  • Electrical goods are the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, increasing by 5% each year. That’s everything from smartphones, to TVs.

After introducing them to these relevant facts and figures, begin a classroom discussion to find out if their parents recycle and if the children know what recycling goes where.


2. Paint the recycling emblem

recycling symbols uk

Painting helps children in more ways than one. Through painting exercises, children learn to identify shapes and colours.

Try getting the class to paint the universal symbol for recycling to help them get to grips with noticing the emblem.


3. Watch an informative recycling video

school recycling video

Video can have a transformative impact on the classroom; they can engage children and offer a great talking point afterwards.

Try to incorporate a brief video clip into your teaching schedule. The following video is a great example.



4. Celebrate World Environment Day

eco activities

On June 5th, the world gets ready to celebrate to celebrate the biggest day for decisive environmental action!

Last year the fight against plastic pollution played a big part in the news narrative.

Who knows what the message will be for 2019, either way, it will be a great day to spur the class into joining the fight for a better future.

Please have a read of our blog post on this topic to help gain a greater understanding of plastic pollution.

Click here.


5.  Play a Recycling Game

Help to cement the children’s understanding of recycling with the help of classroom word search game or spot the difference.

They are a simple enough activity that will also boost a little playful competition among the children.

Try the example below as a starter.

Spot The Difference: Recycling Activity


6. Use Writing Prompts to Encourage Recycling

Let the children spread their wings and introduce some fun writing prompts into the creative writing portion of their classes.

The more they have to concentrate on the idea of recycling will bolster their inclination to do just that. Check out this fantastic resource to get started.


7. Put the Play in School Playground Equipment

school playground equipment

Help make recycling fun by incorporating into the playground!

Encourage children to throw there in the bin with Direct365’s collection of novelty playground bins.

They are not only vandal proof but easy to access with a simple key unlock and twist to locate the liner.

Choose from a wide variety of colours today!

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8. Lead by example

School Recycling Service

The best way to helping both the environment is through proper recycling. In the world of waste management, It’s been no secret landfill charges are rising each year, so, the cost of waste disposal gets pricier too. Although, an added benefit is that recycling costs less money to process than standard waste disposal; which in turn means you’re saving more money in the long run.

Our service is straightforward as what you would do at home.

Lead by example by getting rid of your recycling waste and signing up with a trusted waste provider.  At Direct365, we care about the environment and your budget. We scour over 100 suppliers to find you the best price for recycling waste collection on the market.

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