The Beer Necessities: Bar Essentials

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Does your clientele have a particular poison?
According to research by Absolut Vodka, the UK’s favourite cocktail is the porn star martini.  Ordered on the daily at 40,000 different restaurants and bars across the country.

Now, keeping afloat with the right liquor license and business insurance is one thing. The other is finding a way to distance yourself from the competition. Sometimes that’s just as simple as getting the right items at a better price.

We cover the best of the best for small business bar owners.
In fact, we’ve renovated our selection so, now’s the best to get in and get some pretty nifty finds.
Here’s some of our favourite choices.

Bar Essentials

Best Bar Equipment & Supplies

black plastic caddy

Bar Caddy In Black plastic

Dealing in the haphazard industry of alcoholic fuelled customers means a spill is sure to happen. Become both stylish and functional with this black caddy design, suitable for napkins (paper) straws and all manner of accessories. Why not throw in a few cocktail swords for good measure, a duel of drink-choice proportions, fun stand out pieces.

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Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

Fixing up a mojito, porn star martini or any other manner of exotic cocktails. These affordable cocktail shakers are perfect for mixing drinks and liquids. Manufactured from shiny stainless steel; the utensil is easy to clean and reusable. No professional bartender should be seen without one.

Now, what would a shaker be without a strainer? Add one on by clicking here.

affordable bar thimble measure

Thimble Measure

Thimbles, dire essentials in any bartenders arsenal. This round stainless steel thimble measure is used for pouring the right amount of desired spirit or liquor accurately and with great ease.  Even, so eventually they rust without some tender loving care. We recommend you use some optic-cleanse powder to leave them looking good as new.


bar dartboard equipment

Winmau Pro SFB Dartboard

Board and bar gaming themed establishments are steadily rising in popularity as the average drinker is looking less for a standard sit down and more of a competitive distraction. To help put a competitive edge on your competition, why not start up one of the most popular British sports. Darts. Place your bar on the bullseye and start some local darts competitions, you can even keep it as close to the real thing with the help of our darts regulation floor mats. click here button


tableware & bar supplies

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