Swing ‘Em, Don’t Sling ‘Em. The Best Swing Bins For Business.

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swing bin on a swing

A simple rubbish bin with a lid that swings shut after being pushed open.
Could these contraptions possibly be the most versatile, spell-binding format to dispose of readily-available general waste!?
While they may be simple, that’s no reason to scoff at their reliability.

In this post, we’re going to list off a few of our favourite swing bins to help you decide the right one for you.

Direct365 Swing Bins

Plastic 50L Swing Top Bins

swing bins plastic 50

If you’ve noticed the different colour bin lids, these are representative of the colour coding system. The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BISC) created the colour code system to avoid the problem of bacteria cross contaminating different areas.

These are represented by:

Blue – General areas such as offices, low-risk areas.
Red – Washroom, toilets and bathroom floors.
Green – Kitchens and eating areas.
Yellow –  In hospitals, this would be clinical and treatment areas. Otherwise, ordinary businesses use this for washbasins & washroom surfaces.


Swing bins like the plastic 50-litre ones are made to complement the colour code system. The lids rotate freely, so you don’t feel any pressure while using them.

Quantity Discounts are available.

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45 Litre Trojan Swing Bin

trojan touch top

The 45 Litre Trojan Swing Bin, for example, has an innovative touch-top design. This differs from the previous products. The Trojan bin has a self-closing mechanism enabling style and practicality.
These help in trapping any smells that may emanate from the bin itself. Ideal for any office, education or area that inhabits public space.

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 Synergise 50 Litre Wastebin With Flap Lid

synergise swing bin

The best of both worlds?


This stylish and high-quality waste bin will take all general and paper waste in all high traffic and commercial areas. The flap lid helps to make the overall finish look neat and respectable, while additionally preventing waste and odour visibility.

Is this UK-manufactured stainless steel marvel calling your name?

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swing bins direct365

For our full selection of swing bin lids (bins as a whole, including the likes of a pedal, push and recycling bin).

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Once you have the bin-sorted, do you have a reliable and trusted waste collection service to take care of your needs?

Ensuring that your business has the right services is our priority. Flexibility and reliability are at the heart of what we do. We’ll be able to arrange a time and collection schedule that suits you.

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