Creating an eco-friendly business isn’t a straight-forward task. Whether or not you have a passion for going green, the next decade or so might end up forcing your hand. Getting eco-friendly tattoo supplies might be right up your street. But how do you help make your tattoo studio more environmentally friendly, while also not spending a fortune. What ways can you contribute to the climate effort without breaking the bank. Below we give our views on how to become greener!

Tattoo artist drawing on arm.

Start with cleaning items

Becoming eco-friendly is about changing what you can control now. And there are plenty of small changes you can make that will, in their own way, start changing the tide.

The two main items tattoo artists need to buy are ink and cleaning products. Cleanliness is crucial because of the manner of the industry – working closely with people’s bodies and using needles and equipment that could cause illness and damage if not used properly. So, when deciding the best cleaning products to use, the environment is rarely a top priority. But maybe it should be.

Cleaning products like our very own eco-friendly range.

Dispose of waste correctly

As a tattoo artist, it is part of your responsibility to dispose of used tattoo supplies correctly. This is mainly from a customer and staff safety point of view, but it is also classes as an environmental issue. Putting waste in the right bins allows it to be recycled, reused, and disposed of correctly.

A lot of the items used can be recycled. Paper towels, design sheets and older contracts can be disposed of in either standard or confidential waste recycling. These methods reduce wastage dramatically.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure

Another along the line of recycling is thinking about what you are throwing away, and whether anyone else can get any use out of it. One major problem that eco-friendly champions suggest could be easily changed is the constant creation of new things. Rehoming of pre-loved items helps others save money but also get use out of someone else’s working goods. If the world can get out of the habit of needing new and more, then we can all push towards the environmental cause. 

Seek green initiatives

What are others doing around your local area? Plenty of businesses are becoming more socially and ecologically conscious, and there may be other tattoo studios or small business that you can pool resources with or get your head together with. The world going green is going to need every business to comply, and if your local area has initiatives or green groups, it could be worth getting involved. If there isn’t a green working group local to you, why not set one up? It could help save the world, could further improve your reputation, and help with the pennies too!

There are dozens of small changes you can make to ensure your tattoo parlour becomes more green and more sustainable. Ensuring you do this move you towards a more sustainable future, while following the ongoing trend of environmentally friendly business practices.