There are many reasons why your business may start to attract more pests. This is often nothing to do with you, or no wrongdoing by your staff. Between warmer or colder months, there are numerous attractions for pests that you need to know. And it’s important to be aware of the pest control services that are available. But first, it’s key to know what attracts pests.

Knowing what attracts creepy crawlies and animals can allow you to reduce those risks and help keep your business pest free. But what attracts the most common pests?

What attracts pests?

There are lots of things that attract pests, but the most consistent thing is their search for shelter and food. Like with people, their basic instincts are to stay alive and protect their young. Here are some of the top critters in this country, and what attracts them to our homes and businesses:

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are animals that are always searching for food and shelter. Because they are bigger, they are often considered more of a problem for businesses. Rats and mice are more likely to be a problem in outdoor areas, so waste storage and cleanliness are key to avoiding an infestation.

Always store waste in a closed, sealed bin, and ensure any food stuffs are wrapped up properly and contained in a sealed bag before throwing away. These pests are likely to set up shop in your waste area if they know they have easy access to a buffet of leftovers.


Wasps are not a particularly popular pest for different reasons than rats. While rats are diseased and will look for food cast offs, wasps are often looking for shelter and a place to build a nest. That’s why they will often make nests in sheltered, difficult to reach areas – because they are looking for somewhere secure.


There are a number of different types of flies, but the most common are standard house flies or fruit flies. Normal flies are attracted to dirt and rotten meat. While this may not be a problem in your business, having doors or windows open will encourage flies from outdoors to come into your premises. This is also a big problem for business that deal with food – either restaurants or suppliers. Where there are problems with flies, or your business has issues with flies, our fly killer machines are ideal. Using a UV light to attract the insects, we have either electric zappers or glue backed killers.


These are little pests most often during summer. While on the whole they aren’t particularly harmful, the sheer amount of them could cause a big problem to your business. Ants are attracted to food, especially sweet things, so could easily find what they want in kitchen cupboards or from leftover items like sweets, drinks and rotting fruit.


Cockroaches are mainly problems for the summer months, but when they are, they need to be dealt with quickly. They carry dirt and diseases, so it is important to try and fill any and all little cracks and crevices at home. While these insects are seasonal, it’s important to ensure all countertops are clear of spillages, as this is what attracts them into buildings.

How can I get rid of Pests without Pest Control Services?

There are a number of ways you can avoid pests. Here are some:

Hire Direct365’s specialist pest control services to solve the problem. We survey local and national experts to make sure that you get a team that can eradicate your specific pest problem. No issue is too big or small, and because of our extensive relationships with suppliers, we can get the best deal for you.

Be sure that you are keeping your workplace clean and tidy. This is especially relevant to kitchens or companies that work with food. Pests get a scent for food, and sniff out whatever they can get. If there are ways to enter the premises – through doors or small gaps in the exterior – then this could spell serious trouble.

Buy an electric insect killer and keep your business safe from flies. Flies are probably the most common pest problem, and not just for business that work with food. Office spaces, warehouses and more can all have issues when opening windows or with flies coming in when doors are opened. Considering the warm, summer days are coming, this would be a wise idea.

Pest Control Services for You

There are some really easy things that can help avoid pests, and the best thing you can do is to keep your place clean, tidy and in order. But failing that, the advice we give above can’t take you far wrong. For more advice on pest control services and workplace safety, fill out the form below and our team will get back to you!

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