Bad Toilets give a Bad Reputation

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A recent YouGov survey discovered that 97% of adult Brits would be put off returning to a restaurant or pub that had poor toilets. This data comes across as a warning that repeated business is affected by a lack of care. Online ratings are especially important with 85% consumers trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Positive reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp can be the deciding factor in potential custom.

A new review site has popped up recently that has set its eyes set on pub and restaurant toilets.

Who is the ToiletInspector?

ToiletInspector is an online review site that names pubs and restaurants with the best and worst toilets. Ratings are on the following criteria:

  • Odour
  • Cleanliness
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand Dryer
  • Running Water
  • Floor State
  • Hand Wash
  • Overall Score

toilets rating system

The scoring system isn’t surprising. They are necessities for a washroom. However, the site has examples of establishments with poor toilets.


A toilet inspector could be any member of the public. A pub or restaurant wouldn’t know a toilet inspector had visited until the review, therefore keeping a consistently good washroom is essential.

What Should Your Washroom Have?

Regular daily inspections should be mandatory. This gives yourself and the customer peace of mind that the washroom is in full working order. At Direct365 we offer washroom services to over 900 pubs and restaurants around the UK. In our experience, important things to look out for are:

Soap Dispensers

Anti-bacterial soap dispensers can be easily refilled and fitted near sinks. They are a staple in any washroom and more hygienic than a bar of soap.

Working Hand Dryers And Paper Towels

A frustrating issue for customers is when the hand dryer no longer works, or the paper towel dispenser is empty. Whilst paper towels can be bought cheaply in bulk, the savings of a hand dryer long-term are worth the investment.

Air Fresheners

Pubs and restaurants can attract a high flow of customers to the washroom on any given day. An advantage of some air fresheners is that they can be pre-programmed to trigger at specific intervals. Air fresheners are ideal to keep customers satisfied.

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