Ad Blue Minus Fines: Power and Regulations of the Traffic Commissioner

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Who is the Traffic Commissioner?

Traffic commissioners are responsible for licensing and regulating operators of heavy goods vehicles and public service vehicles. They can take action against transport firms and drivers.

They have the powers to do the following:

  • refuse to grant a licence
  • refuse to vary an existing licence
  • end or suspend an existing licence
  • disqualify an individual or a company from having a licence
  • disqualify transport managers

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Is their a Traffic Commissioner for Scotland?

The traffic commissioner for Scotland has similar powers, but with a few changes. They are also required to handle taxi fare scale appeals and the regulation of public services. This power is under the Public Service Vehicles (Registration of Local Services) (Scotland) Regulations 2001. The law applies to bus operators to ensure the smooth running of public bus services.




Traffic Commissioner Priorities: Good Repute

From Traffic Commissioners to transport managers and operators. The term “good repute” is often mentioned in any inquiry and documentation.

The Law Dictionary defined “good repute” as “person with a good reputation and known, to be honest, true and forthright”.

The Traffic Commissioners’ role is important to the commercial vehicle sector. It’s a role that requires the utmost in personal integrity.

With that said, the traffic commissioner’s duties include the following:

  • The safe operation of Commercial vehicles
  • Fair competition between companies
  • Ensuring operators are of good repute
  • Lessen the environmental impact of Heavy Goods Vehicles



Traffic Commissioner Hearings and Decisions

The DVSA have found evidence that operators have been using emission cheating devices to cut costs. The Traffic Commissioner has a right to launch an investigation and enquiry into suspected fraudulent activity.

For example, in a recent case the Traffic Commissioner dealt with, a transport firm was caught deliberately suppressing ad blue on their vehicles. Ad Blue is a diesel fuel additive that suppresses the emissions of diesel vehicles. The operator had their operators practice revoked because of illegal practice.

However, a firm can appeal against a decision by filling out a form for the Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber.


What to do about ad blue

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While AdBlue is non-toxic, if a spill happens it can crystallise when drying, leading to possible slips and trips risks.


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